ERP Software Development Predictions for 2016 Coming True

  • Posted on : May 16, 2016
  • Modified: March 3, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Custom Software ,   ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning software remains the backbone of any enterprise over the years. This most important solution for an enterprise fuses onto itself various core business functionalities like Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Analysis, Logistics, Accounts, POS, Customer Care, Service & Maintenance and more; erasing the thin lines between itself and two other niche applications like SFA and CRM.

Interesting and emerging industry trends for ERP development for 2016 are nothing but the predictions for this specialized software coming true. An ERP relying on the technological advancements and the mood of the market captures the attention of the users and prove to be indispensable.

ERP Software DevelopmentNow Trending In ERP- Predictions To Reality

  • Small, Medium Or Large, Everyone Is Adopting ERP

Until a few years ago, larger enterprises had a huge technology advantage over their smaller counterparts, vis a vis affordability of infrastructure and human resources to make use of the ERP systems.

The Cloud changes it all, making solutions and their infrastructure scalable, flexible and affordable. The shift of the ERP software development from on-premise to the Cloud is the most remarkable and one of the hottest trends in 2016; making ERP solutions most accessible to all irrespective of the sizes.

  • ERP Customizations Become Smoother

Modifications and customizations remained the terror word for any ERP implementations till late. No more. It is the most practical idea to avail of the ERP as a SaaS on the Cloud. But, to fine-tune the ERPs to the specific business requirements, customizations are an unavoidable need. ERPs focus on making this a smooth and reliable process with smarter process flows to assure quicker RoIs.

  • Technology Rules ERP Development

The ease of availability and affordability of technology and the way it integrates with ERP transforms the way business is conducted. Niche technologies like mobility, Big Data & Analytics, IoT and Social Media rule and drive the ERP solutions in 2016.

  • ERP, A Platform Approach

The coolest trend today is creating a platform for the niche solutions offered through the ERP system comprehensively bundled with the various infrastructure and support. A platforming approach becomes feasible with the growing popularity of the Cloud.

ERP Prediction Waiting To Come True

  • Hybrid ERP Development Is Cool

On-Premise to Cloud and now Hybrid ERP solutions. The practical issues and limitations in various situations in both the ideologies saw a transformation of the pure On-Premise or a pure Cloud to a realistic mix of the both. Hybrid ERPs are trending and offer the best of both the worlds.

  • Knowledge Aware ERPs Driving Businesses

The integration of Big Data and Analytics into the process flow of an ERP software Development makes possible to offer insightful tips and predictions to enable the enterprises to look at their own data in a different light. With thoughtful curation and interpretation of data into insights; ERPs empowers the enterprises to establish a competitive edge like none other.

The business insights also ensure happy users across the spectrum right from employees, partners, and customers.

  • Integrating Finesse Into ERPs

An integrated ERP with niche third-party technologies becomes a trend an expected flexibility today. ERP systems do not remain monolithic any longer and are the impeccable collection of collaborative efforts of various vendors delivering to the best of their abilities. This makes the ERP systems closer to fool-proof and advantageous.

  • Multilingual ERPs On The Rise

With the world becoming one and virtual enterprises erasing the man-made lines of geographies it is inevitable that the ERPs function seamlessly across the globe. Needless to say than that the solution providers turn multilingual and the ERPs talk the same language far and wide.

  • ERP Project Recovery Skills

Enterprises choose to remain on a positive track and keep their contingency plans ready when it gets to implementing an ERP system. Troubleshooting an ERP meeting roadblocks and getting it back in action is a valued skill and enterprises refused to be bogged down by initial hiccups or even major setbacks and keep a team of ERP Project recovery resources ready.

In A Nutshell

Predictions made for ERP systems last year take shape by the mid of 2016. Changing influences of modern technologies and the shift in expectations from all stakeholders push the Enterprise Resource Planning systems to adapt and re-establish their undisputed importance. ERP software development becomes a completely different ball game today.


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