Field Force Automation Enterprise Solution

Field Force Automation system enables an organization to obtain real time data from its field staff. Filed Force Automation system provides filed staff easy access to client information, update client detail, generate invoice, update stock etc real time. This in turn increases your sales staff efficiency and eases the pain of maintaining paper work. Free flow of data between sales staff and back office enables your business to work accurately and efficiently. Field Force Automation is also popularly known as Sales Force Automation System (SFA).

Field Force Automation system (SFA) by SPEC INDIA provides a solution that enables to solves communication problem between back-office and the sales staff. It also eases the problem of correcting errors and maintaining the paperwork. Some of the features available in SPEC INDIA’s Mobile Sales Force Automation are :
• Electronic storage of all the data
• Easy availability of data while in the field
• Reduces paperwork
• Barcode scanning
• Generate invoice
• Inventory management
• Easy access to customer details, invoice history, order history etc.

Benefits of Field Force Automation System:
• Efficiently data captured
• Reduces duplication of data
• Reduces paperwork
• Increases sales staff efficiency
• Planned allocation of work

SPEC INDIA has over a decade’s experience in providing Sales Force Automation solution to its esteemed clientele spread across the globe. For more details you can visit us at or you can to write to us at [email protected]


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