FMCG & Merchandising Field Force Automation (FFA)

An Enterprise mobility solution offers unlimited access to the important sales data when ever most required. For the bigger business aspects the sales force offers the improvements for the business process. On the entire, mobility solutions bring growth to the field force team to deliver the better enhancements in the business procedure. It also provides the access to the timely information from field staff to the administrative staff on as FMCG is considered as consumer goods moving on swift pace or merchandizing operations. As there is always a sequence to run for prices, discount, promotional offers, orders and routing calculation which can maximize the efficiencies of the field resources.

SPEC INDIA field force automation software solution helps make simpler the efforts and the applications such as route routing, task allocation scheduling, order management are helping field service and support teams significantly boost productivity and competitive advantage. Marketing to sales Managers and executives can have an enhanced general visibility and control with real-time dashboard that lets them to observe sales efficiency and make mid-course corrections.
The Sales force automation helps the sales team to schedule, organize and update calls to old and new customers. As SFA contain all product information, which helps them to fill the order forms as per the route. The SFA will detain description profiles, distributor profiles, employee profiles, product information and organize details. The SFA generates various sales and distribution reports for different levels of users.

SPEC INDIA offers mobile sales staff solution that assists in achieving the increase in productiveness from field to back office. For field force staff it becomes easy to report precisely back to call and service centers. And the back office get easy to manage assets and inventory, keep obligations made to customers and decrease billing and financial cycles to augment returns and productivity. SPEC INDIA has expanded usability along with meeting the needs of FMCG in Retail sector. The companies can provide services to their valuable customers in the better manner this obviously helps increase productivity, and also customer satisfaction.

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