Food Apps for All – Eat, Drink & Be Merry for Tomorrow We May Diet

When it comes to serious discussions on revolutionary methodologies for food industry, people do go overboard. Most of the times, there are debates about agriculture and how to increase food production to start with; sometimes the topics cover processing food and a few altruistic thoughts consider the use of technology in helping feed the less able people on the globe.

FoodTech or food technology arrives slowly & steadily with mobile app development for the food industry. Technology is all set to change the game here. But then why overlook the busy restaurants, the small little joints feeding everyone all the time during the festivities and beyond! Technology makes it easier for all wanting to eat. The power of Food apps right on their devices brings the favorite restaurants to the fingertips of the customers and truly, good eating starts with a good app.

Most chains of repute have their own dedicated apps, or prefer to advertise themselves on restaurant search & food delivery market places like Zomato, FoodPanda, JustEat and more.

Food Apps

At Your Service, Away and Near

Restaurant mobile apps solutions gear up to provide practical services to the customers when both away from the restaurants or near, easily making them the most engaging method to keep the customer counts high, retain customers and ensure restaurant branding.

Remote Services With Food Apps

Food Apps Remote Services

Proximity-based solutions like the beacons, put to use in the holidays for the shoppers entice the customers in and around the restaurants too; completely changing the ways of indoor communication.

Collecting important details of individuals, appropriate analysis allows beacons to enable engaging personalized experiences that go a long way in establishing loyalties.

Happy guests in the holiday rush is a challenge & beacons is one of the most important concepts to be adopted to help restaurants do so.

Beacons At Service

Beacons at Services

Mobile Apps – Advantages For The Restaurants

  • Increase In Order Size

A research study indicates that with effective designs, customers are engaged successfully through an app while placing orders; as opposed to a direct takeaway or drive-thru.

Consider a simple pizza order. If it is a normal phone order, the customer will specify the pizza type, size and maybe order a soft drink to accompany.

However, if the customer has access to interesting pictures along with multiple menu options via a phone app, the order is more likely to end up with dips on the side and indulging deserts towards the end too

  • Assured Loyalty Through Personalized Marketing Across Channels

Customers are offered interesting deals and can use coupon codes or redeem loyalty points all through mobile apps with an intent to keep them enticed.

Relevant push notifications on important days and in context of the time of the year go a long way in keeping the customers bonded.

Mobile app personalization is huge making it the new magic trick for app development companies.

  • Gamification To Keep Enticed

Gamification engages the guests both when in the restaurant and a way to keep up their interests and make the ordering and wait both equally appealing.

  • Indulging & Mouthwatering Customer Experiences

Restaurant mobile apps solutions have the power to promote a brand if designed intuitively. Restaurants send periodic updates, latest offers, track loyalty points as well as collect feedback and preferences with the food apps.

  • Ordering From Anywhere

Undoubtedly, food ordering apps make life easier for this generation on the go. Customers may not have time to dress up after a long day and make it to a nice food joint or restaurant, but can still get to enjoy food from almost anywhere easily.

  • Quick Reservations & Easy Payments

Pre-bookings & reservations are done easily on the go. Digging in into wallets too is a thing of the past, with the integrated payment options inside the apps. This facility makes a lot of sense today as an increasing number of economies are set to go cashless with talks of income tax departments tightening the noose around the erring.

  • Food Is On The Way

For food to be delivered, food apps make it possible to track the whereabouts of the order, keeping the users pacified that food is on the way. The users have handy details on order dispatch time, probable delivery time, any delays if any.

  • Personalized Experiences

With recorded customer preferences & tastes and other personal details, food apps offer the best of relevant experiences. Add to it the various features to increase the convenience of the users, the experiences are ones to be remembered!

Trending Food Apps

Driving Away Hunger – UberEats

Driving Away Hunger

This app is an innovative concept empowered by Uber technologies, going beyond connecting drivers to customers.

With UberEats, Uber launches an on-demand service that delivers meals within minutes from restaurants of choice.

Pizzerias On the Phone

Pizzerias on the Phone

Zero Click

A unique food app by Domino’s, it can order a pizza for the user within seconds automatically. The key here is the preferences the user selected while filling up the Pizza profile, a onetime affair after installing the app.


Domino’s allows the user to experiment with different ingredients, create customized pizzas and even share them on social media to generate money on every order.

Pizza Hut App

One of the oldest pizza chains globally, Pizza Hut also has apps for both Android and iPhones. With just a few taps, customers can opt for tasty pizzas, garlic bread and a variety of pasta, along with a mouthwatering menu to choose from.

And Coffee Shops Too!


Starbucks most definitely comes across as the number one downloaded app of all restaurant apps.

Not only can the customers pay for the food & drink, find stores and track rewards, enthusiasts create custom drinks and the ones in the USA get to pick and listen to popular songs too.

The chain allows customers to order before they get to the store.


Food Apps – The Future

The food delivery industry now crosses the billion-dollar mark, which is a huge rise from the forty-odd million-dollar mark in 2013, or 600 billion dollars in 2014. This exponential growth is certain to continue right into 2017 with technology becoming mainstream and changing user experiences.

A report from the research division of Applause states that sales boost via mobile apps happens for well-designed apps offered through prudent food ordering and delivery apps development. The result from the corresponding report represents a major drift between ordinary food chains & restaurants that do not invest in technology and giants like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Taco Bell or Starbucks that have invested in food apps & mobile marketing.

Sample results published by, Domino’s, Starbucks & Taco Bell had peak scores on this report.

Statista has interesting information shared about what people use mobile apps for when it comes to food & eating!

Food Apps & Their Uses

Usage of Food Apps

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On a Parting Note – iRestaurant From SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA pioneers in restaurant mobile apps solutions with iRestaurant.


This app helps in branding and promoting a restaurant or chain of restaurants with a web-enabled CMS. Customers of the restaurant can online order food with options of Pickup, Home Delivery and Dine-in. With multi-lingual support and integration to credit cards and payments through PayPal; iRestaurant is easily customizable to suit restaurants across the world. Compatibility with iOS and Android makes it more acceptable.

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