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  • Posted on : October 17, 2017
  • Modified: February 21, 2022

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When enterprise software & the apps in the ecosystem, lose to strike a chord with the audience, it could lead to nothing short of a catastrophe. Poorly executed enterprise software ends up challenging the sustainability of the enterprise in question. Enterprise software development companies remain in sync with the user expectations to keep adapting technology to the changing needs of the millennial age.

Today the approaches for enterprise apps already include IoT for a larger than life ecosystem, the Cloud for sustainable infrastructure & services, Analytics for purposeful insights, Proximity based solutions like the beacons to grab attention and Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality for immersive experiences as a second skin of the enterprise. The world is already talking about Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality as the next big step.

There is no way then that the enterprises afford a failure of any sorts in the enterprise software landscapes for the apps, especially since the app-less approach could also be turning mainstream

Enterprise Mobile Apps

The Reasons for the Dwindling Popularity of Enterprise Apps

Numerous reasons account for the failure of the niche enterprise apps meant to drive the critical processes in an enterprise. Cautious enterprise software applications development is the call of the day.

There Can Never Be a ‘One Size Fits All’ Solution

At the onset of the software design & development, the conceivers bear in mind that enterprises are an amalgamation of people & processes and technology needs to support the diverse needs & requirements. A solution focused on the end-user and not packed with features that are irrelevant when generalized or intimidating is bound to succeed. Mobile app personalization unleashes smarter ways of engaging the user!

Inferior User Experiences

Most enterprise mobile apps fail after a few uses itself if poor quality leads to displeasing user experiences. Repulsive onboarding too can affect the psyche of the user, which otherwise is designed to enhance & engage appropriately.

Shortcuts during planning, development & testing is sure to spell doom, compromising on key features & vision in the challenge to meet the deadlines & keep budgets under control.

The use of obsolete underlying technology preventing users from performing their functions efficiently hinder the acceptance. A software not secured sufficiently puts inhibitions in the user’s minds and leads to the failure.

Inferior User Experiences

Inferior User Experiance

Increasing the Popularity of the Enterprise Apps

All said and done, following a few basic rules of thumb for the enterprise apps works wonders and are closely followed by enterprise software applications development companies.

Extensive Planning and Research

Since many of the enterprise apps and systems are developed for internal use of the organization it is important to take time and do a thorough research to define what solution fits best for the business and the users including workforce, partners & the consumers.

It is of critical importance that the budget & the milestones are planned practically considering indirect activities like integration with other software, gathering & preparation of data, providing for additional resources if needed, hiring an expert and so on.

Avoiding Unrealistic Expectations

The ERP solution might not be the ultimate solution as soon as it is installed there might be a need to go back and forth with the solution to get it functioning the way the organization needs.

Even adding major features and functionality in the middle of implementation phases is something that should be avoided as inadequate analysis of this new requirement it might conflict with the other modules.

Catering to Users Across Platforms & Devices

With the changing needs of the millennials across the industries and the increasing smart devices like smart watches, phones, health band and more, the ERP apps should be geared up for a variety of devices & their platforms.

Seamless switching from one device to another value adds to the user experiences and increases the popularity of the apps making it essential to create apps and systems that support cross-platform and perform across the channels.

Keeping in Mind Trending Tech

Indispensable technologies like the sensor based services, the Internet of Things, BI & data analytics, Cloud Services should be considered while building the enterprise systems by the enterprise software development companies. Inclusion of social media techniques and self-service access to systems brings in the latest in technology into the fold of the enterprise software and its apps ensuring increased productivity & efficiencies and also the scalability of the solution at optimized costs.

Understanding the Workforce Psyche

A change generally results in apprehension and confusion. It is not very important to consider the audience of the system while building the system but also once it is built, it is extremely important to provide extensive trainings & workshops to educate the end users regarding the usage of the system helping them understand how the software is set to value add to their ways of working & communicating.

Once the users use the system to make the most of it that the enterprise will see improved returns on investments and value realizations.

Engaging Vendors and Partners

Just relying on top leaders or the department heads to decide on the system is not enough. It is very essential to engage and interview partners & vendors.

A continuous interaction with these stakeholders throughout the planning and development process is essential to make sure that the implementation is as required. Even once the system is successfully deployed it is important to check how the software can be made the most useful and get the most out of the implementation with feedbacks from the partners.

Involving the Customers

Enterprise app and systems require that they reach the target audience to buy-in or download and use it. A good outreach thorough branding and marketing on various platforms ensures the success of the enterprise apps. Continuous feedbacks & behavioral analysis helps keep a tab on the usefulness of the system.

The biggest mistake an enterprise can end up making is not training the customers to use it as well. This could be achieved by motivational push-notifications & other communications to put the customer hands-on onto the system.

In a Nutshell

Once the enterprise systems and apps are in place; besides great design, usability and the problem solving ability it is also essential to have the ability to keep a check on the customer behavior traced from the apps and gather feedback for continuous improvisations & iterations to keep up its popularity.

The success or failure of an enterprise app becomes evident with negligence at any stage, be it research and planning phase, implementation phase or in the post implementation and maintenance stages. Enterprise software development companies exercise caution to keep up the popularity of the apps.

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