Futuristic POS Software Technologies

The technology is changing is face every day in any market, so would be fun to explore the future of the POS software.
Just imagine…

You enter in any store, and your retinas or eyes are scanned by a biometric device. Then, one screen displays some special offers for you.. based on your age, gender and your past purchases. You choose some of the products then from the store. The products already have the RFID tags to reach out to your home. Then, at the time of making some payment, the system already has all the necessary data required for the transaction – what it wants is just the approval that you are the authenticated person. It checks your finger prints and matches it with the credit card impression that it has already stored. If it matches – the payment is done, you get the receipt as your email, and the products reach your home. Huh… interesting this transition is!

So, here is a list of some of the exciting supporting futuristic technologies to support the POS software:
1. Biometric devices
2. Advanced CRM software support
3. Integration with the mobile devices
4. Digital signage

At SPEC INDIA, we have already built one of the basic POS software. And our trained team of developers has enough talent and capacity to take the system further at the most advanced levels. You can have a look at our basic POS software features from this link: https://www.spec-india.com/point-of-sales.htm.
If you have any queries further, or any requirement pertaining to the custom POS software, do send us at lead@spec-india.com.


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