Gamification in eLearning – A Paradigm Shift in the way Education is perceived

  • Posted on : December 12, 2016
  • Modified: February 8, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Education

“The most important principle for designing lively eLearning is to see eLearning design not as information design but as designing an experience.” – Cathy Moore.

The eLearning solutions have been quite a rage since over a decade now and large conglomerates are executing training courses and educational sessions through online technologies. It has proven quite fruitful in terms of cost effectiveness, time saving as well as productivity. Not only Fortune 500 organizations, students are also keen to increasingly make use of eLearning in their routine study schedules. But, is it that easy as it seems? Will each and every eLearning venture be able to grasp and sustain the drive to learn online?

What better to answer this than the much popular and cutting-edge game based learning – Mobile Gamification? Gamification Apps Solutions – this innovative style of learning has been heralding new generation techniques and has showcased certain evident and proof driven uses like demonstrating growth, upsurge commitment, generating challenges and inculcating a sense of achievement. Gamification is the implementation of game mechanics and dynamics in a non-game setting as against game-based learning which has been on since years to increase other areas of training.


How can Gamification Contribute to eLearning Apps & Software Solutions?

  • Retains Learner’s Interest

One of the most vital requirements for any kind of learning remains the same – to sustain and increase the interest area of the learner, keeping intact the importance of education as well as blending in the flavour of entertainment so as to create the apt fusion. And this is what eLearning through Gamification does the best. It offers the most appropriate balance of education and entertainment, leaving inquisitiveness in the learner all the time, looking for more.

  • Drives Business Growth

Though it may look a little out of place, gamification plays a major role in achieving enhanced business growth and thereby increases productivity and profitability. After all, keeping employees happy and contented is what businesses need to ensure in order to maximize their ROI.

  • Challenges for a Better Output

Somewhere, whenever you get challenged to perform certain activities, you always do your best and that is what Gamification does. It proposes certain realistic challenges before you to showcase your own talent, learning skill, performance and maturity. All these put together are surely going to prepare you to face any type of scenario and yield much better results, in the case of eLearning.

  • Enhances Communication

Be it business or an educational scenario, eLearning through Gamification surely increases the communication between different stakeholders regularly and thereby, increase the understanding potential of the learner to perform the best. With such cultured platforms, there is increased interaction between people which is a must for the success of any activity.

Integrated modules with online learning capabilities is on an increasing spree as it is being adapted and accepted by varied fraternities worldwide. With its innovative and aspiring ways, the game based learning is indeed a futuristic approach that is a part and parcel of any mobility driven activity that we do. Here are some of the peripheries that will showcase the future trends in Gamification:

  • Gamification will be the Standard Training Method

The traditional touch will go and the modern one will be here to stay. Irrespective of domain and size, organizations will move onto the eLearning drive with ease and initiative, with game based learning as their major tool and methodology.

  • Gamification Apps Solutions will be totally Mobile Driven

Only game based learning is not sufficient, the trend is moving towards BYOD and the entire gamut of Enterprise Mobile App Development Solutions and mobile devices are now becoming a part and parcel of each and every learner. Though it may sound a little extreme, it will be an essential element soon and there will be no eLearning without mobile devices.

  • Augmented Reality will Play a Larger Role

Looking at the way the globe is immersing itself into the virtual realm as well the real world scenario, the future of eLearning through Gamification is surely seen through AR. There are surely going to be increasing number of AR users soon along with an increasing variety of game learning apps involving this trendy technology.

  • Inclusion of More Game Elements

With the success ratio in mind, the future will have more and more game elements into the eLearning periphery. Rewards, Competition, Storytelling etc. are much awaited gaming elements that will soon; mark an increasing presence in the world of gamification. This is sure shot way to increase interactivity and perform better, for the learners.

Gamification Apps Solutions have now expanded wings not limiting to simply amusing the customers, but adding on business value with the above factors. Changing the entire style of working to a more dynamic version, this technology has made goal achievement a simpler and interesting task than before, enhancing the organizational as well as individualistic creativity and dynamism. The advent of mobile devices integrated with Enterprise solutions owing to the BYOD approach has made Gamification a wonderful experience.

As a mobile application development company, @ SPEC INDIA, our solutions showcase Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enhancing the usage of enterprise mobility thereby improvising productivity and enabling enterprises to realize a faster RoI.

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