Get, Set, Go – A Smooth & Swift Transformation with Cloud Application Development

  • Posted on : June 27, 2017
  • Modified: March 7, 2022

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Cloud computing seems like magic – completely capable of transforming the face of your business in such a positive and lucrative manner that it would be tough to perceive what it was before the cloud technology was implemented. Looking at this cloud fever, n number of companies have started opting for it, not knowing in details, what they actually want, what is needed and how can it be achieved. Enterprises have started transferring their technology setup but in real terms, have not transformed yet. For a real authentic transformation, only technology upgradation and migration is not sufficient. Cloud Application Development is all set to rule today and tomorrow and hence requires a certain set of mind which is keen to adapt to these changes and is all set of undertake any kind of challenge that comes its way. It has come as a revolution and has swept off organizations under their feet, them not realizing what is happening and how. What enterprises just know is they cannot do without the cloud now and the best part is if done in the right manner, cloud implantation turns out quite profitable, productive and progressive. You just have to go for it.

Cloud Application Development – A Peep into its Journey

When the cloud based technology arrived in around 2010, it seemed almost impossible to adapt to it completely and see it work. Over a period of time, it has spread its magic everywhere and has proven that it is a very feasible move for enterprises if they take care of certain pre-requisites before moving to the cloud. Originally, small enterprises opted for it since they could manage the move easily and felt the need for it. At that time, large conglomerates weren’t able to feel what the cloud can provide and how. With maturity of the technology growing, around 2013, middle sized and large sized enterprises took a plunge and migrated their current infrastructure to the cloud and coming year, cloud apps became more robust and flexible with state-of-the-art processes like automation, client attention, agile software development and DevOps being heavily implemented. Today enterprises, irrespective of size, domain and geography are embracing the cloud technology and are able to fulfill their business objectives to the optimum.

How to Best Equip your Organization for Cloud Application Development?

Cloud Application Development


Have Complete IT Readiness In Your Organization

Today, organizations do want to adapt to the cloud technology but they are yet not fully prepared and ready in terms of IT readiness. It is important for organizations to be fully IT ready and once that is achieved, the cloud can easily and swiftly achieve its goal by serving as an add-on help whenever needed. It will be bring more agility, swiftness and responsiveness in the entire organization.

Design and Develop Novel Applications Create Novel Apps

One way to easily and quickly use the cloud is to start making innovative apps, based on existing applications, using the best features of the cloud and thereby garner a whole lot of benefits like fastening sales procedures, automation of business procedures, increasing online business, maximizing RoI, delivering relevant content to clients and connecting to mobile devices etc. In a way, this forces the organization to start moving to the cloud as early as possible.

Implement the Latest Project Methodology – DevOps

DevOps is the latest mantra today, when we talk of latest project execution methodologies. No longer are the development team and testing team working separately, it now all belongs to a single unit and the testing and project management is very much at all the relevant points and not only at particular instances. Implementation of this process surely works out wonders while moving your enterprise onto the cloud since Cloud App Development proves to be faster, efficient and stable.

Utilize Big Data in a Big Way and Ease Operations

Big Data is the key to information building and success today. There is no organization where there is no data today. The only problem lies in managing and maintaining that day and that can be done best with Big Data. The cloud acts as a wonderful medium to store and analyze such big heaps of data and can cull out the best of information that you need and otherwise, find it difficult to extract. Without the cloud, implementing Big Data would surely be a costly and cumbersome affair. Buying so much of infrastructure, maintaining it and then installing apps on it is surely a big task. Now, with everything on the cloud, all these cumbersome tasks are already gone.

Leverage Real-time Analytics

Today is the world of real time data. Hence, getting real life information from the latest technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) is the key to success and if done in a systematic manner, serves as a wonderful input to the cloud. It is a sure shot key to generate detailed business insights and works as a power booster to resolve complex and difficult business scenarios. The cloud is said to ingest important abilities into the IoT – extract information from your devices wherever they might be and use data visualization as the right tool to view information the way you want to.

SPEC INDIA has been offering Cloud Based Application Development Services to a multitude of industries, spread across the globe and has garnered expertise in developing and implementing the best of cloud based solutions. Making the most of the cloud, our state-of-the-art service offerings ensure increase profitability and productivity with business efficacy to its maximum.

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