Global Benefits of Mobile Sales Force Automation

As sales is the lifeblood of business and competing the touch economic conditions have further reinforced the need to upgrade the software in cost effective but in very pleasing manner.

Mostly, now a day’s sales persons at least carry Mobile phone with him , sometimes even have to carry number of devices, high-speed wireless internet access, laptops or new generation devices like tablets and PDA`s as they have to deal with other subsidiary activities like customer satisfaction.

Also today the networking speeds is increasing with more processing power for Mobile Handsets, PDAs and other handheld devices, Hardware cost of the mobile and computers becoming cheap day by day, one would surely see a great rise for Mobile Applications in the coming few years. Hence, most of the companies are looking forward to deploy new technologies to lessen down the cost and time saving factors as this would directly benefit the company.

Thus comes into picture the Sales force automation which would definitely be the requirement for most of the FMCG, Healthcare, Insurance, Confectionaries, Service and Banking industries. Global market demand for Sales force Automation (SFA) has increased and it is going to be double by 2015, as per a report by global industry analysts, Inc. There are few countries which are constantly demanding for SFA as their market is picking up e.g the Latin America, Pacific and Asia are demanding markets.

Mobile SFA solutions present noteworthy improvement to the performance and competence of mobile workforce. In today’s competitive market, company must empower the sales force, with the automation in the sales process which would help sales executives to be more efficient and get more & better business in less time than time invested currently. Thus the time had come to use the technological benefits for Sales Executives, by using SFA on the Mobile Handset, Smartphone’s, Tablet, Handhelds powered by either Java (J2ME) or Windows Mobile or Android, the flexible and most robust technology for mobile application .

Mobile SFA application provides a protected environment, by way of giving each salesman with a unique id (Salesman ID). The Sales Executive logins into Mobile Application with his credentials, download the route information ,create order / invoice ,print, review routes & customer messages, create new customers, gets the feedback from customer , fills day expenses and collection information , specifies reason for not visiting schedule client and communicate all information to central database , through web services . Back Office reviews the information uploaded by salesman and takes required action.

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