Google Cloud SQL – Your RBDMS on Cloud

SPEC INDIA is proud to announce successful completion of a migration project for a US based client. The project involved migrating client’s digital library which was hosted on Google App Engine & using Google Big tables to Google App Engine & Google Cloud SQL. This application has all the basic features of a digital library like create books/CD records, issue books/CDs, notification for overdue against issue, advanced search, various reports etc. As more and more books/CDs are added to the database it needed a more robust and scalable backend, leading to Google Cloud SQL as a most preferred choice.

What is Google Cloud SQL ?
Google Cloud SQL is a web service that enables the developer to build and use relational database with Google App Engine application. The MySQL capability also enables the developers to effortlessly move data, services and applications in and out of the cloud.

Advantages of using Google Cloud SQL instead of Google Big table:

  • Enables development in normal JDBC style.
  • All the advantages associated with RDBMS can be availed
  • All the fancy search queries can be written ,which was not possible due to limitation of Big table API
  • Ease of development of end developers

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