Google Unveils Enhanced Security Features in Android 7.0 Nougat

  • Posted on : August 29, 2016
  • Modified: March 4, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Android

Following its sweet technological tradition of naming its new versions after sugary delicacies, here comes the latest one – Android Nougat (Android N). After a lot of aplomb and curiosity in the developer and end user community of what it would offer, finally, Android N has been stated for a fall release this year. Android App Development is sure to witness a bright positive turn with a lot of offerings being showcased in this new version. Android, sticking to its promises, looks forward to serve its loyalties with sure shot success ratio. The final version lies in the beta stage and is surely worth the wait.

Looking to the curiosity rising amongst user community, as always, about any new Android OS version coming up, recently, Google divulged a set of security enhancements that are going to be a part of the Android N release. Naturally, aspiring to provide a few more additions and a lot more improvements than the previous one, Google seems to have eyed Android users and IT people as its focal point and has revealed information about the major security updates. Let us have a glimpse of what if being offered in the next release to come soon.

6 Major Security Enhancements Being Proposed in Android Nougat 7.0

Security Features Android 7.0

The key highlights of Android N are already out and now it is the security features that are being revealed by Google, understanding the very importance of security in the release of any OS. Emphasizing on the speed, enhancements, proper streamlining of updates, it is all set to prove that this version of Android is sure to enthral its users with nothing but the best. The major objectives of these security features are to lessen some of the friction which might occur in case of user authentication and password settings. The sensitive information will surely be confined into secure walls keeping it far away from getting shambled up with the user’s personal data.

  • Flawless & Faster Updates

Google plans to have a seamless update provision on its Android devices, through Android N. There will be dual and different system partitions, one of which will be the executing system along with the device usage and the other will be ready for an update whenever it is needed, without disturbing the active partition. Once rebooted, the new one will take over. This surely leads to an uninterrupted usage by the users thereby, fastening the entire process of utility as well as upgrading.

  • Work Mode Facility

There is a novel ‘Work Mode’ icon available in the menu of the Android N OS, similar to the design of a briefcase, which lets you enable and disable work oriented applications at odd hours or when they prefer not to be disturbed. This is one function which can be easily attractive while any kind of Android App Development.

  • Always-On VPN

With an always-on VPN, there is a slight kind of compulsion on the department to use the VPN for certain number of apps, without which they may not function thoroughly. Even sharing of information wouldn’t be possible if the VPN isn’t functional.

  • Well Built MediaServer Components

Google has attempted to refurbish the MediaServer component, by splitting it into smaller components which can be updated individually rather than a full on update. Increasing the security angle, they have altered the permission replica giving only relevant privileges so as to ensure no external hacking / cracking into the system.

  • Direct Boot and Sturdy Encryption

Android has been using the block level encryption in order to encrypt the partition or device. Now, with Android N, it has been altered to file level encryption, in which once your device is booted, it is encrypted and locked down, barring certain apps which can execute and this is called Direct Boot Mode. The end user can make / receive phone calls or use certain basic mechanisms but for further facilities, there is a need for unlocking and decrypting the device. There is surely a higher amount of data control and security over the information with this multi tiered approach which will make the devices easily accessible and buyable with the least of effect on the performance of the device as well as the OS.

  • QR Code Provision

Now there will be facility of a QR code available in Android N, which allows the administration people to facilitate devices which are unable to sustain the NFC feature.

Android N is surely tempting and exciting, surely worth the wait. And now with a precap of what is being offered, the curiosity is soaring high.

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