GPS Fleet Tracking for Automobile Companies – A Must-Have for Seamless Fleet Management

GPS Fleet Tracking Software is no novel concept and now with enterprises realizing the significance of it, there is a vast growth leap in its usage and with vehicles increasing by bounds, this wonderful solution is almost a mandatory ingredient in the success story of any business on the go. Any domain that you witness is a user of the Vehicle Tracking System. Why should the evergreen, popular and lucrative domain – the Automobile Industry be left out? This solution has been welcomed and adapted to its fullest by the Automobile industry.

As the year goes by, we witness increasing array of fleet vehicles, fuel and cost consumption. With these positive increasing features, there are bound to be certain risk areas and tough challenges that pose along and what better than a comprehensive and robust GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Software, to unearth the genuine potential of fleet tracking data, to help manage and monitor fleet, with the best of dashboards / reports / alarms / notifications, to keep you up-to-date with the latest information.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Major Challenges Posed Before Automobile Industry, Solved by GPS Fleet Tracking Software

  • Trace, monitor and manage the entire fleet which, continuously is on the move and is out of reach if there is no proper solution in place
  • Monitor and inspect employees routes & work allotted along with a disciplined delivery schedule
  • Keeping intact safety and contentment of employees
  • Having a constant track of pick up and drop scheduling along with an open eye to distances covered per day
  • Top management wanting to see, track and monitor day to day activities
  • With increasing use of mobile technology, smart phones, Internet and GPS, the entire vehicle industry is facing a lot many challenges in terms of uninterrupted monitoring of vehicles

How is GPS Fleet Tracking Software an Ideal Solution for the Automobile Industry?

Most leading automobile organizations have been facing the above mentioned challenges and the most apt solution to overcome them is the GPS Fleet Tracking Software. Organizations are now embracing state-of-the-art technologies like cloud based analytics, predictive analytics for drivers / vehicles, safety and compliance guidelines, cost cutting methodologies majorly for reducing expenses on fuel and drivers, along with a marked minimization in the fleet expenses.

  • Increased Vehicle – Driver Rapport

Owing to increased usage of vehicles in urban areas, there is marked increase in usage of multiple drivers against one vehicle. There is increased practice of vehicle pooling so as to save on time, money and energy, thereby transparently showcasing the best of efficiency, monitoring and productivity.

  • Modern and Exclusive Inbuilt Features

With the automobile industry growing leaps and bounds, the solution is also supposed to grow exponentially and support the inbuilt features that are bound to assist organizations with the best of features encouraging autonomous driving.  Further focus on security features, automated control etc. will encourage increased fleet management, with ease and satisfaction to the top management.

  • Distant Diagnostics on Fleet Performance

Finding out details of vehicles, drivers, delivery schedules, customer handling and timely payment collection etc. are few of most vital parameters that need to be checked and monitored on a timely basis and that is where the role of a comprehensive GPS Fleet Tracking Software comes into play. This solution has to be apt enough to enable fullest safety, security & navigation of remote vehicles, anytime, anywhere.

  • Decline in Overall Vehicle Downtime

One of the gray areas while managing fleet is the empty run time that is encountered by drivers owing to multiple reasons such as lack of planning, non-transparency in information retrieval, security lapses etc. This solution plays a vital role in reducing the fuel costs by decreasing the occurrence of empty runtime due to lack of planning and monitoring. This has a direct impact on reduction in the overall vehicle downtime

  • Value-added Driver Functioning & Conduct

The GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions are proficient in increasing the productivity of drivers, thereby, getting better and disciplined conduct from their end since they know very well that they are being monitored and it is no longer difficult to find out their routes, deeds and customer conduct. Even while driving, taking care of the speed factor is now viewable and hence drivers are pretty safe in terms of following traffic rules. After all, the driver is the key factor in ensuring a smooth and timely run on the routes and hence their efficiency directly affects the performance and profitability of the organization.

  • Futuristic Tracking by Managers

With the help of this wonderful solution, it is now an easy task for managers to track different traffic related routes and thereby, instruct the drivers to advance in appropriate directions, well before they hit the bad roads. This affects the customer delivery, cost, schedules and monitoring in the most positive manner, providing the managers with the requisite real-time information in their desired time and format. Managers can even prepare alternate route plans and advise drivers to adhere to those, in case of traffic jams or any reason by which the entire route may get delayed.

Value Added Solutions with GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Get the optimum utility of this solution along with SPEC INDIA’s other popular enterprise solutions:

  • ZooM –Mobile Sales Force automation solution
  • Renaissance – Enterprise Customer Relationship Management solution
  • eSAM – Electronic Service and Maintenance application
  • MDM – Mobile Device Management solution

SPEC INDIA, from its bouquet of enterprise business offerings and with its stringent quality standards, has been servicing a wide spread elite clientele all across the globe.  To know more about our GPS fleet tracking and management solution and request a FREE DEMO.


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