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Online shopping is the latest mantra today and will continue to rule as time goes by. Proven statistics reveal that all through the globe, there is an increasing trend of online transactions, encompassing all possible industry zones in its arms. The increasing number of online shoppers traversing the net is sure to have a direct exponential effect on the number of eCommerce transactions and thereby, eCommerce shipments too. As the business grows, so shall the shipment and delivery mechanisms. With eCommerce merchants becoming a significant part of our daily life, it surely is important for them to ensure appropriate, speedy, cost effective and seamless delivery schedules, which surely has its own set of challenges. And, the one and only solution that can assist the fleet on the go is the robust and scalable GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Solution. Considered to an ideal choice for business on the go, a Vehicle Tracking System is the right choice in today’s fast paced world.

A GPS Fleet Tracking Software has proven its mettle around the globe by acting as a fast paced carrier booster when it comes to taking care of the delivery schedules of eCommerce transactions. It is a perfect choice to have an integrated accessibility between different devices and environments with ample security features attached to protect the entire handling of activities, enhancing profits and reducing expenses to a large extent. Drawbacks being faced earlier were lack of visibility on delivery vehicles leading to frequent delays, missed services leading to reimbursement costs, liberal route adhering thereby handling unscheduled visits.

VTS for Ecommerce

How GPS Fleet Solutions Offer Prompt and Convenient eCommerce Services?

For any eCommerce business, these solutions have proven to be the power booster to showcase themselves a level apart from their competitors. Some of the very well proven benefits that are guaranteed in any eCommerce venture that has adapted to a GPS Fleet Tracking Solution are superior client satisfaction and service, definite reduction in expenses, increased employee efficiency and improved road aid.

  • Route Management and Monitoring

One the biggest and challenging areas in any business on the go is the management and monitoring of routes and how best can it be planned so that maximum coverage can be ensured with proper timelines, security and cost factors. The major feature in any eCommerce business since its online, anyone under the sun can order anything and to manage timely delivery, it is essential to have a robust solution in place that can very well take care of route planning and chart out a proper strategy to ensure its timely completion.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software serves as the most apt solution to enhance the route planning fitting in maximum deliveries as possible in the shortest time possible. It not only maps the fastest routes and assigns drivers real-time; it also diverts business to the most popular areas thereby speeding productivity and profitability. Contacting drivers nearby, assigning those tasks which can be fulfilled instantly and thereby making most of available resources are some of the key highlights of this solution, which now has turned almost mandatory in all eCommerce businesses.

  • Fuel Consumption

A negative effect of poor planning and monitoring in deliveries of any eCommerce business is a direct rise in fuel consumption. If not routed properly, drivers are sure to mismanage and misuse the vehicles impacting the fuel costs heavily. And that is where comes the GPS fleet monitoring system that keeps a perfect eye watch on the unnecessary routes taken, wastage of time, poor maintenance, hazardous driving ways and more. It has the capability to record these types of activities and let the stakeholders know how and why the fuel is being misused, with proper statistical figures including average distance and timing being maintained.

  • Appropriate Use of Time

Time wasted is money lost especially in businesses which are on the go. Customers are looking forward to timely deliveries with open eyes and the moment you miss out on that, you lose your customer forever since there are number of peer competitors waiting with deep breath to grab away your client. One the most common complaints that any eCommerce client has is late delivery of items and that is where this solution can be of great help to monitor and manage the timelines of vehicles and drivers, assuring best of planning that takes utmost care of proper utilization of time and schedules leaving your clients happy.

The other advantage is this VTS solution also tracks the idle time to its best, analyzing the reasons behind it, letting the management know about the same and thereby taking appropriate decisions to utilize the best possible combination of drivers, vehicles, time, cost and routes. With detailed insight into various measures and metrics, the management is sure to get a direct glimpse of what is going on where at one level, drilling down to the deepest level possible. This surely ensures higher RoI, since time gained is money gained.

GPS Fleet Management

With abundant profits linked, GPS Fleet Tracking System is a inevitability in enterprises, be it delivering minute, petty objects like groceries or giants like public transport etc. With its existence, enterprises are sure to garner a lot of benefits in a multitude of functionalities drilling out best of results with ease and simplicity. The convoy size is never a matter of concern – it is sure to give client augmented efficiency and lucrativeness.

Value Added Solutions with GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

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