GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems – Versatile and Contemporary

GPS vehicle tracking systems makes use of discretely fitted equipment in vehicles forming a part of a fleet, to monitor their locations automatically making use of contemporary techniques like Global Positioning Systems, Mobile Technologies, Analytics and more. The fleet tracking software puts modern day techniques to use for different domains and industries adding value these versatile organizations.

These systems come with basic features that have evolved over the years making them more useful and purposeful.

VTS System


Real-Time Tracking

Real tracking of vehicles through various maps integrated and Global Positioning systems integrated into a vehicle tracking system allows the companies to follow the all their vehicles 24 * 7. This, above all helps in surveillance to keep the passengers, drivers and cargo under a watchful eye using the GPS tracking devices.

        • Improves safety
        • Efficiency in handling emergencies like accidents
        • Keeps thefts under check

Reporting & Insightful Analytics with Fleet Tracking Software

Reports and Dashboards provide a good detailed analysis of the vehicle health. The performance and issues leading to inefficiencies related to fuel, battery and other engineering defects can be predicted and avoided. Corrective actions taken on time can be used to avert problems in the long run.

Driver verification records can be integrated into the system to ensure increased safety and improve the brand trustworthiness.

        • Vehicle health
        • Reduction in fuel bill
        • Improvement in mileage
        • Employee history

Green Driving

When all businesses go green a vehicle tracking system has a good chance to give back to the community by improving its environment friendliness. Green driving habits of the drivers are scored and monitored. Guidelines to improve those to reduce fuel consumption are integrated into the system itself.

        • Fuel efficiency
        • Emission records

Reminders, Notifications and Alerts

A Fleet tracking software issues prompt notifications to the back office and record details into the central repository through discretely fitted GPS tracking devices in the vehicles.

Disciplinary notifications for speeding, idle time, breach of geo-fence and unauthorized usages are used to initiate strict actions.

Maintenance modules allows setting of reminders for maintenance by time or miles which is useful in keeping the vehicles in good condition and appropriately complying with rules and regulations.

Route Optimization & Navigation

Task assignments to drivers for a fleet management is issued along with the optimized routes keeping in mind real time traffic and weather conditions. Navigation is made simple for the drivers from the current location to their destinations.

Task completion details are automatically updated in the system and the status of jobs started and completed is up to date.

Companies Using GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

      • Uber

They say it is the smartest way to get around. Ordering a car was never so easy, but ensuring safety of passengers was ever so difficult.

      • UPS

The world’s largest package delivery company and a trusted provider of supply chain management solutions. UPS delivers more than 15 million packages a day to more than 6.1 million customers in more than 220 countries and territories around the world with closely monitored cargo and fleet with their vehicle tracking systems.

      • FedEx

An American global courier services is best known for its overnight shipping service. It is a pioneer in packages tracking systems integrated into their fleet tracking software.

      • DHL

A division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post, DHL provides international express mail services and is one of the largest logistic companies tracking its fleet on land, air and waters. This is no mean feat for any fleet tracking software!

      • LA Police Department

The LAPD implements a superior VTS with multiple intentions. Supervise behavior and efficiency of its officers, monitor emergency situations and ensure safety of its personnel in such times.

      • Central Coalfields Limited (CCL)

A most innovative security mechanism introduced in India following the coal ministry’s directives to Coal India Limited (CIL) to curb coal pilferage puts GPS Vehicle Tracking System to use.


A carefully implemented Vehicle Tracking System helps the companies to track their fleet with efficiency with obvious advantages.

  • Sizeable savings on operating expenses through increased efficiency
  • Reduce insurance costs as a vehicle fitted with VTS pays discounted premiums
  • Offers better and more practical route planning
  • Optimized resources and improved man power utilization
  • Increased customer satisfaction with increased safety, reliability and efficiency
  • Manages maintenance of vehicles and improves the condition of the fleet
  • Keeps track of assets and their safety
  • Improves safety of passengers, drivers and cargo
  • Can be used and integrated easily into the workflows

In a Nutshell

Like any other technology, VTS can be put to use innovatively to offer a huge value addition to the organization. A vehicle tracking system finds its applications in specialized fields like the Armed Forces, Hospitals, Schools and Tourism besides the usual ones for Sales Force Automation and Logistics.

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