Hey Siri, What’s New & What’s Not! iOS 11 Rocks!!

  • Posted on : November 7, 2017
  • Modified: March 7, 2022

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  • Category : iOS

An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator… these are NOT three separate devices! And we are calling it iPhone! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. And here it is……

Steve Jobs -Defines a Vision, Light Years Ago!

What seems like light years ago was the vision of a man we lost a little too early. One wonders what would he have planned to unveil this summer at the WWDC2017 conducted of course by Tim Cook. iPod, an idea triggered by seeing his daughter use the same bulky device to store her music year on year did set the ball rolling for personal devices decades ago.

And the rest is history for iOS application development.

iOS 11

The Enviable Features & Apps

The latest of the operating system from Apple after the iOS 10 which came in the fall of last year, launched along with the new iPhones, iPad & the Watch comes with interesting features & updates as always.

Files App Becomes More Comprehensive

iOS 11 completely does away with the iCloud Drive app and instead moves on to the more comprehensive Files app curating all the content which can be stored locally on iPhone or iPad, app content or services like Google Drive. It is much better organized and provides quick access to all stored content. A section is provided where users can view their recently accessed files as well as it supports tags, nested folders, and spring-loading.

Subtle Design Changes

The new updates did not get a complete overhaul to the design changes but subtle design changes were made throughout the OS. Apple is now moving towards the darker font and round buttons sans border which can be seen in apps like Phone and calculator. The most significant updates are made to the Control Center and the Lock Screen.

Control Center

The revamped Control Center has a bubble-style icon. The two tops sections comprise of basic networking options and Apple Music controls as well as sliders for volume and brightness. It also provides a 3D touch accessibility.

Lock Screen

In iOS 11 both the Lock screen and the Notification Center have been merged into one entity. Missed notifications are now displayed on the Lock Screen while the recently viewed notifications can be accessed by the second swipe in the middle of the display which brings the user back to the Home Screen.

Siri Becomes More Human

Powered with the acumen of natural language processing algorithms, Siri is updated with more realistic male and female voices. For better pronunciation and a more expressive voice, Siri has been powered by deep learning. Artificial Intelligence comes to iOS & makes iOS application development more innovative. Powered by practical knowledge, Siri seems to be all set to do more than simple searches or assisting with native apps.

The All New App Store is Here

The AppStore comes up with a new Today section to showcase the latest app content on a daily basis and has distinct sections for apps & games. There is a new interface for app reviews for the developers & users to communicate and exchange reviews. Alternatively, users can now turn off reviews entirely in settings.

Driving Safe with iOS11

Do not disturb while driving feature mutes all the incoming notifications when the phone senses the action and also respond to other people letting them know that the user is driving by a quick note.

Imagine in Style with AR

iOS is could easily be one of the largest augmented reality platforms. Games & apps now offer immersive and fluid experiences that stretch into the virtual world. AR goes one step further than just games helping individuals & enterprises conceptualize & imagine more than they can really see.

Quick Type Keyboard for Extra Convenience

This feature allows typing with one hand while the keys keep shifting closer for convenience. All the keys, letters, numbers & special characters remain on the same screen avoiding shifting.

Paying Gets Easier with Apple Pay

A new apple pay feature has been added which allows peer-to-peer payments. Using standard fingerprint authentication money can now be sent in messages. A new Apple Pay Cash card has all the funds received which can be used to make Apple Pay purchases. Money transfer requires an Apple Pay compatible device only like iPhone 6, iPad Pro.

Maps for Intelligent Navigation

Indoor mapping technology is the new update in maps where it can display full layouts of selected malls and airports around the world. It supports icons for restaurants, washrooms, and other notable indoor landmarks. It also supports the lane guidance and the speed limit of the road that you are on.

Tune in into Apple Music

iOS 11 provides with a new feature of Apple Music which helps to share the playlists with friends and the For You section helps to see the profiles of the friends that you follow with the easy option to set the profiles to public or private.

The Best of the Snaps with Camera

The camera is now equipped with a slider which selects the best still shot out of a video. Besides, you can select the non-blurry section of the photo and also there is an option to crop live photos, loop, bounce, and long exposure. HEVC is implemented which results in twice better compression and HEIF format is used which takes less storage space.

Apple News in the Limelight

The Apple News editorial staff selects the new stories and provide it with the new Spotlight feature. Every day there is a new topic and stories centered on that topic is highlighted.

iOS 11 for the iPad

iOS 11 offers some additional and more interesting features for the iPad in addition to those for the phone.

The All New Dock

In iPad, the Dock has been expanded and the new updates make the Dock more persistent and it can be pulled up in any app just by a quick swipe up from the bottom of iPad’s display. It makes multitasking much easier for iOS mobile application development  and helps in switching between the favorite apps must faster. The newly revamped dock can hold up to 13 apps and along with it displays the apps being currently used and continuity icons on its right side.

App Switcher

App Switcher makes it easier and more intuitive than ever to multitask. It displays the tiled view of the apps that are open along with the recent apps used at the forefront. It provides iPad users a streamlined way to access apps and they can even the change settings all at one place.

Drag and Drop

This intuitive feature allows text, links, photos, and files to be transferred from one app to another without bothering with in-app share sheets. A drag action can now be easily initiated with a tap and a hold while other fingers can be used to open up the Dock where the items can be dragged and dropped.

In a Nutshell

A giant step for iPhone
A monumental leap for iPad


Well said & well-done Apple! iOS mobile application development keeps reinventing itself every new year!


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