HP Vertica – The Perfect Choice For Big Data Analytics

  • Posted on : August 19, 2015
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Big Data & Database

With exponentially increasing amount of data and the need to analyse it real time making its presence everywhere, Big Data Analytics is most sought after all around the globe. As simple as it may sound, it does involve a multitude of parameters to actually arrive at a ‘perfect’ solution that caters to all your needs. With factors like total cost of ownership, performance, hardware resources, time sensitivity and many others, it becomes vital to go in for a solution that is a balanced mix of individually tailored components, all of which, I see, are apparently visible in a product – HP Vertica. Vertica was founded in 2005 and was acquired by HP in 2011.

Woven around the fundamental concepts of columnar databases, highly compressed data and clustered solution for scalability, HP Vertica is sure to derive fast value and quick results from your Big Data Analytics and is built with a purpose set only to fulfill Big Data needs and to analyse at extreme scale in real-time. Based on clusters and column orientation, this platform has a sure shot success ration in managing big sized, swiftly expanding data volumes and gives quick querying results while data warehousing. It showcases an improvised query performance over conventional RDBMS and ensures higher scalability. It also has a wide range of built in analytical functions which span across a broad range like geospatial time series, pattern matching and many others, with a constant support to all BI tools and technologies.

Prominent Features Of HP Vertica

HP Vertica Features

  • Real Time Analytics

It helps you gain insight into your Big Data Analytics much faster than most other products and surely, that is what these products are meant for, isn’t it?

  • Enhanced Scalability

Addition of a limitless number of low cost nodes is yet another highlight of this robust technology, by which it lets you substantially scale your solution.

  • Open Architecture

It provides a built-in support for Big Data Analytics technologies like Hadoop, R and a large number of well renowned ETL and BI tools.

  • Maximized Data Storage

With much more data storage than other tools, it allows you more space per server than row databases along with original columnar compression. Its column orientation enhances performance of accessing records.

Pentaho And HP Vertica – A Perfect Rapport For Big Data Analytics

Two stalwarts coming together are sure to bring in better working and successful outputs. Pentaho and HP Vertica together, let end clients undergo exploration, analysis and visualization of their data sets with outstanding results. HP Vertica gels pretty well with Pentaho with respect to Data Integration and analytics, thereby, exploring and enhancing the world of Big Data Analytics to the core. As an example, with the help of Pentaho product stack, mass voluminous data can be ingested into Hadoop, will undergo transformation, refinement and then immediately pushed into HP Vertica, wherein business experts would be given an entire gamut of varied analytical reports and data visualization outputs which would be of best help for predictive analytics and data visualization.

A Few Ways Pentaho And HP Vertica Can Synergize Together To Provide A Miraculous Output Are:
  • Data streamlining from costly legacy systems to HP Vertica for swifter performance
  • Because of Pentaho’s visual development tools, it becomes much easier and faster to design and develop analytical reports rather than typical conventional methods
  • In Big Data Analytics, with Pentaho simplifying the process to support and evolve business requirements, along with HP Vertica, end clients can easily and dynamically now undergo schema alterations with new additions and least manual scripting

The annual HP Big Data conference is held every year, with umpteen opportunities, exemplary speakers and technology raving ahead with full speed. This year, it is going to be held in Boston from August 10th to 13th 2015.

SPEC INDIA has been consistently providing quality solutions in BI and Big Data technology. Our BI and Analytics portfolio showcases excellent capabilities to structure, curate, analyze and handle all your data with prudence. With implementation expertise in BI technologies like Pentaho, Jaspersoft, Microsoft and Tableau, we excel in building custom database solutions for our enriched client base, along with advanced BI reporting services. We are global certified partners of Pentaho and officially figure in the Pentaho Partner Network List. We also provide highly skilled BI and Big Data resources, who could be hired on hourly / monthly / yearly basis for onsite and offsite engagement.


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