• Posted on : August 26, 2011
  • Modified: January 7, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : iOS

iCloud is a feature to access data of email, contacts, calendars, bookmark, notes, to-do lists and other data between multiple devices. iCloud use cloud computing service provided by Apple for sharing different type of data.

This service give facility to to store data such as media files for download to multiple devices Like iphone, iPad, iPod and personal computers.
iCloud account gives 5 GB free space to store user’s data. If user purchased music, apps and the photo stream service will not reduce his/her free space.

Photo Stream is a service intigrate with iCloud service. This service has feature to store about 1,000 photos on the iCloud servers for free. As user take photo on a device with Photo Stream, it is automatically uploaded to the iCloud servers and from there, it is automatically go to the rest of the user’s registered devices.

Following are the feature of iCloud
1.    iCloud stores user’s music,  photos, apps, calendars,  documents, and more.
2.    iCloud wirelessly provide data to all user devices automatically.
3.    Keep user content or data on all his/her devices.
4.    iCloud is the easiest way to manage user data.
5.    When user sign up for iCloud, it automatically get 5GB of free storage.


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