In-app Subscriptions at Apple Store for Games

There is one great news for all the iPhone games developers as well as the game lovers. Previously, the Apple store only allowed to list the finest applications developed across the world. But as per the recent update, now it will also officially allow the games to be listed on the store in near future. Apple will be letting the game publishers use in-app subscriptions too, according to a report from Bloomberg.


The Big Fish games is the first publisher to use the feature, and will allow users to access many of its titles for a recurring fee of around 7US$ per month. The subscription plan for games has been a long time coming. The things were predicted back when in-app subscriptions were first announced that this they could be the start of a brand new revenue model for the apps and games outside of the digital magazines and newspapers, and can start their offerings on the App Store.

At SPEC INDIA, we give our full support to all our Clients to help their apps and now games listed at the Apple store. It certainly serves as the best of the effective marketing tools to make the users aware of the presence of the application.

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