IndexedDB – An Efficient Way to Manage Data

  • Posted on : June 19, 2014
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Big Data & Database

IndexedDb or Indexed Database API is a web browser standard interface for a local database of records holding simple values and hierarchical objects. This API for client-side storage of significant amounts of structured data and high performance, searches uses indexes. Storage and retrieval is done through keys or indexes through a series of transactions.

The IndexedDB is made of records called an Object Store. Each of the records consists of a key path and a corresponding value which can be a simple like string or date or more advance types like JavaScript objects and arrays. Each Object Store can have a collection of Indexes that make it efficient to query and iterate across.

Most of the commonly used browser like IE 10.0+, Firefox Mozilla 28.0+, chrome 33.0+, Safari 8.0+, Opera 22.0+ support indexedDB.


  • Full functionality even if a network connection is not available
  • No data loss on network interruption
  • Can cache data and restore state between invocations
  • Generates less network traffic
  • Performs better as data management happens on the local computer rather than over the Internet
  • Supports transaction and cursor
  • Allows faster indexing and searching of objects, enabling better data management
  • Supports both synchronous and asynchronous API
  • Impractical for very large and complex APIs
  • Has unstructured data

Comparison with Alternatives Available


Database Features

IndexedDB is Object-oriented. It is not Relational Database.

  • IndexedDB stores key-value pairs. The value is an object that can have one or more properties. The key can be based on a key generator or derived by a key path that defines the path to the key value.
  • The IndexedDB API is mostly asynchronous. The API doesn’t return any value; instead a callback function is required to get the returning data.
  • IndexedDB does not use Structured Query Language (SQL). It uses queries on an index that produces a cursor, which is used to iterate across the result set.
  • IndexedDB prevents applications from accessing data with a different origin. Retrieval is possible only for data from the same origin.

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