Injecting Technology with Care – Enterprise Mobile Device Management for Healthcare

Mobile technology at workplace is a fact today giving rise to completely new approaches for security of the enterprise solutions, their data and the devices used, through the policies laid out by enterprise mobility management and MDM solutions.

The invasion of mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and the wearables touches the Healthcare domain too, radically improvising the ways of data collection for research, electronic health records management, patient monitoring, clinical operations and hospital management.

Sometimes termed as mHealth, sometimes enterprise mobility management for healthcare, they point to the same enhancements in rolling out healthcare facilities and reestablish the fact that for the MDM comes of age for Healthcare as EMM caters to an untethered workplace today.

MDM for Healthcare

Ideal Features of an EMM for Healthcare

EMM for Healthcare

Enterprise mobility management for healthcare targets at offering top of the line software solutions to this dynamic industry on the verge of bringing major changes to their work practices, striking a balance between compliances, regulations and better access to increase productivity. Mobile apps developed turn EMM for healthcare into virtual health care solutions.

        • A one stop for integrating mobile devices into the workflow


          • Mobile application management
          • Mobile content management
          • Mobile device management


        • Ensuring safety & security for the entire solution
          • Personal records of patients
          • Research data
          • Corporate data
          • Device security and MDM
          • Access controls to the enterprise data
        • Embedding Health Industry standards & compliances
        • Enhancing efficiency & productivity


          • Through mobile devices with responsive and uniform user experiences
          • Quick collaboration among all the stakeholders


        • Offering seamless integrations with the back office & the legacy systems
        • Enabling practical connectivity features
          • Offline for health-workers and caretakers on the go with poor internet
          • On-premise & Cloud based or Remote access


        • Generating actionable information from data collected
          • Putting business intelligence and analytics to use
          • Using the self-service approach for data access with ensured safety


        • Supporting a wide variety of devices & their platforms


The Importance of MDM Solutions in EMM for Healthcare

MDM Solutions

Prudently laid out MDM policies for a Healthcare enterprise ensures the safety of mobile devices in use by the employees or the patients themselves and the data thereon. Much has been discussed about mobile device management practices and it goes without saying that MDM for healthcare has a much larger role than securing the devices. It plays a huge role in implementing Remote Management and Application Control policies to ensure a systematic integration of these into the enterprise software.


Remote Management of Stolen Devices & Monitoring


Since the Healthcare industry deals with sensitive patient data, simply locking a stolen device or wiping off the data is not sufficient. It is very important to wipe off the clinical data with greater care without traces than anything else.


Intelligent dashboards and reports need be set for appropriate monitoring to keep the enterprise updated about the users accessing data or failed attempts of login and other probable breaches of security.


Application Control Standards Implementation


An infected app can breach into the patient data and other research data. Application control standards for healthcare issue permits and organized apps into containers with practical accessibility options for both the user and the app itself.


MDM in Healthcare – Combating the Challenges


Though it sounds simple and straight, implementing MDM solutions for enterprise mobility management of Healthcare has its own set of challenges to be taken care of.


  • The solutions need to address different users, with ever changing devices and their operating systems
  • Correct support for personal or BYOD mobile devices, the safety, mobile device management need to be fool-proof
  • Ensuring safety on networks and access control with the correct privileges and security needs
  • Supporting and monitoring the sheer number of devices being used in healthcare is a tough call too

Securing the Enhancements Brought by EMM in Healthcare with MDM

Implementing Enterprise mobility management for Healthcare aims to offer special enhancements to the entire workflow. With a comprehensive MDM policy a part of the EMM, the enhancements become fool-proof too.

Case Study – A MDM Powered Secure App for Care Givers


This iPhone app is envisioned as one of its kind to provide a common platform to individual and group care givers to manage their home care activities. Designed for home care agencies to schedule and manage care plans for home bound patients and also track and organize care taker activities, this app was planned to be a handy and practical tool easily integrated with any larger enterprise solutions for Healthcare with ensured safety of devices and the data they access through the appropriate MDM ideologies.


This app boasts of an impressive features list to keep a tab on visits by caretakers, maintain logs which can be mapped to the back office for further co-ordination, track patient history and manage the very useful circle of care givers.

        • The Circle of Care Givers
          • Create new Circles
          • Manage participants
          • Circle coordinator
          • Care givers
          • Assign tasks
          • Notify Circles of any changes and swapping
        • Search patients
        • Track scheduled visits for the day
        • View patient history
        • Obtain directions to patient location
        • Visits
          • Manage Visit
            • Time Check In and Check Out for a specific visit
            • Mark task
            • Completed
            • Refused
            • View
          • Unscheduled visits
          • Past visits
          • Pending visits


This practical and useful app becomes an indispensable tool for managing patients, caregivers and coordinating their activities. Efforts of scheduling tasks earlier were time consuming and log keeping was complicated too. The app ensures fast and practical methods of allocating tasks and tracking them automatically. Since the caregiver needs to log the tasks and clock them as a part of the visit, data capture becomes systematic and unerring. Automated messaging and a Help Center is also an integral part of this Solution.

      • Increase in efficiency of scheduling and completing visits
      • Optimal utilization of a caregiver’s time
      • Improved patient engagement
      • Progressive Returns on Investment
      • Safety of sensitive data

On a Parting Note

Maintenance of devices, ensuring appropriate usage, physical security and protection against malware pose unique challenges during the implementation of MDM solutions for Healthcare. Enterprises set up secure collaboration techniques among the stake holders as well as their interactions with the back office.

SPEC INDIA acknowledges that with every new advance in technology, comes its own set of challenges. SPEC INDIA pioneers in establishing prudent EMM solutions across domains with a special focus on enforcing security through mobile device management.

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