Integration of SkyDrive with Android Application

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage service is a network of distributed data centers which use cloud computing technologies for storing digital data. All digital data is remotely backed up, managed and synced using these services. Cloud Storage allows the user to store files online for convenience and flexibility of access.

Features of Cloud Storage

Features of Cloud Storage
Features of Cloud Storage

What is SkyDrive?

SkyDrive, now known as OneDrive is a file hosting service allowing users common cloud storage for files and media and access the data from a web browser on the local devices.

Benefits of SkyDrive:
• More Free Storage Space
• Sharing Utilities
• Supporting Platforms
• File Type Supports
• Security

How to integrate SkyDrive with Android Application?

There are few steps to follow to integrate SkyDrive with android application:
1. Download Live SDK for Android
2. Create your android application in which you want to integrate SkyDrive.
3. Add Live SDK as library project into your application.
4. After adding Live SDK to your project, you can use Live Connect Android application source code or below example.
5. Add android. Permission. Internet permission to your project’s manifest file.

Application Screenshots:


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