Internet of Things Boosts Up Marketing

  • Posted on : November 17, 2014
  • Modified: March 1, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : IOT

The magic happening around – “Internet of Things (IoT)” is spreading its effect all around the globe. Woven with the Java Embedded technology, day by day, second by second, the utility of IoT and the blending of IoT in our lives is getting stronger and deeper. Not that we are noticing its effect all the time, but there is sure to be a sudden inclusion of this novel technology in such a way that we would feel connected and attached to it since ages. It has definitely created a digital world of its own, with its own members and trying to walk and run with us in parallel with its own family. Over a period of time, the digitally connected family is going to merge so seamlessly into our physical world and the everyday devices that we are handling will talk to each other over a network and exchange information. It will also help us monitor environmental activities like traffic, pollution, weather etc. Wow, seems too amazing to be true, but it has started showing its capabilities with a few IoT devices already implemented.

All this, read and written, seems so hypothetical, but the way IoT is advancing and marching ahead, it seems very much possible. There are varied community of people who are going to benefit out of this technological revolution. Of course, the end users or say the layman – they are the ones to enjoy a technically superior and simplified lifestyle. But, what I foresee is a community, which is going to reap benefits and surely blossom. And, that area is the Marketing area. With its technological wave, IoT is sure to bring about positive changes in the way marketing works and thereby bring in much better results and maximize RoI.




How will Marketing have a significant change owing to IoT?

  • Easy integration into advertising media and enhanced personalization will lead to better results and increased sales. Well ahead, the marketing people would come to know what the end user is looking for and that is the crux. It makes the job much simpler. Also called Predictive marketing, there are certain technologies which are executing the same.
  • Closer rapport with customers will be possible because of availability of sales data. The smart devices possess this and are readily available whenever needed. This definitely helps in altering your marketing efforts towards particular customers.
  • Sophisticated marketing is sure to come in, because of IoT. The physiological and emotional background of the customers would be known because of the data gathered and this would help the marketing team market smartly for any item.
  • Synchronizing IoT efforts with a robust CRM tool will always get you organized customer information, which can be further analysed to obtain maximum benefits. To know ahead in time, what your customer is looking for is indeed a boon for a marketing guy. This will bring down the sales time for a particular item, since the marketing guy is already aware of what the customer wants and he / she simply has to offer the right time at the right price and the deal is done. Sounds so simple, but yes, it is proving to be.
  • Online marketing, automation of marketing activities like rates, campaigning, advertising and much more is bound to make marketing targets reachable and achievable.

Just as you read this article, there must be something new in IoT hitting the market. The technological advancement is so rapid that it is sure to get into our homes and lives just as if it was always there. Let us wait and watch for this magic wand called IoT work wonders for layman as well as professionals.


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