iOS Automation With Appium

  • Posted on : August 18, 2014
  • Modified: March 1, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : iOS ,   Software Testing

There have been multiple efforts to automate iOS mobile applications, the leading name in the mobile world today. Manual software testing has already been a popular rage in the IT world today, but with increase in usage of technology and end users, endeavours to automate the iOS applications are also on the rise. As known, various types of testing like Functional testing, Performance testing, Smoke testing, Load testing and many others are being performed on iOS automation. Apart from this, there are certain tools being used for web services.

Appium is one popular open source automation tool for iOS and Android applications. It can cater to both hybrid as well as native applications. Mobile web applications can also be automated using Appium. It uses WebDriver JSON wire protocol to drive the iOS apps. Appium server is written in Node.js andn talks to iOS using UIAutomation via Instruments.

Features of Appium


Work Flow of Appium

With Appium, elements of an application can be inspected since Appium used Inspector for inspecting the elements. Appium can be used to automate applications on iOS simulator as well as Real device. Varied capabilities need to be adjusted while choosing the device.

  • Firstly, you need to provide the IP address and port number on which the application is to be deployed.
  • If the tests are to be executed on simulator, the path of .app file needs to be provided.
  • If the tests are to be run on real device, the udid of device and bundle id of application is to be provided.
  • Once the capabilities are provided, the application can be launched by clicking on the launch button.
  • In order to inspect the elements, you need to click o the Inspector icon.
  • Elements can be inspected from their name, id, xpath and so on.
  • Once scripts are recorded through Appium, you can once again run those scripts.

 Key Challenges

  • A Mac system is required for iOS application automation and it is not essential that everyone is familiar with Mac.
  • Needs deep technical knowledge for automation of hybrid applications.
  • Basic understanding of Xcode is required for the testing of application and definition of device capabilities.
  • Button ScrollTo does not work in Appium and hence this functionality is yet to be implemented.
  • Tests can be executed only on one device from a single Mac system. In case of execution on multiple devices concurrently, problems may arise. It is possible by integrating Appium with other frameworks but is a tough option.
  • JavaScript is a necessity while testing GUI objects, since all GUI features are not supported by Appium.
  • There are certain features still being implemented in Appium.

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