J2EE Web Application Development

Now a days there a growing market for application solutions that ate flexible and cross-platform, and Java is one of the most preferred technology for developing this solutions. Java comprises of three main parts i.e. JDK (Java Development Kit), J2ME (Java Platform Micro Edition) and J2EE (Java Platform Enterprise Edition). Java provides advanced development tools for developing Java web applications.

J2EE is preferred choice of web developers and end users for web application development. Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages enables web developers to build object-oriented, scalable and n-tier Java applications. J2EE provides variety of features like rapid solution development, simplified connectivity etc for web application development. J2EE allows developers to build and deploy multi-tire server oriented web application. The only challenged faced while developing a J2EE based web application is deployment and the pot release. The main elements of Java Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) are Java Server Faces (JSF), API’s, and JavaBeans (EJB). The main objective behind J2EE was to simplify coding and build straightforward applications for the end users.

At SPEC INDIA we provide enterprise software development services utilizing the power of Java technology. We have a team to highly experienced Java developers having vast experience in developing J2EE application, which helps you achieve business objective. For more details you can visit us at www.spec-india.com or you may please free to write to us at lead@spec-india.com.

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