J2ME Application Development

J2ME Application Development

J2ME is one of the most widely used mobile application development platform. Mobile applications developed using J2ME are stable regardless of the device and platform they are being used on. J2ME provides variety of advantages to everyone from manufacturers to end users. It enables manufacturers to provide variety of features and functions in their handset, this in turn increase the no of mobile phone users.

J2ME provide a flexible environment to develop variety of mobile applications that can run on different devices like smartphones, PDAs etc. Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) is now known as Java ME, is a Java technology for developing applications for mobile wireless devices. J2ME provides variety of features for developing mobile applications is telephone functions, multimedia, messaging connectivity, communicating and device drivers etc. The best advantage of developing application on J2ME platform is that it is supported by all platforms.

SPEC INDIA has extensive experience working on J2ME platform since last two decades. Mobile Sales Force Automation is one of the best products offered by SPEC INDIA to meet all your pre-sales activities. Other services provided are:

• J2ME mobile application development
J2ME software testing services (QA)
Support and maintenance services

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