Key Guidelines to Safe and Productive Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Posted on : April 18, 2016
  • Modified: March 3, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Enterprise Mobility

Today, organizations are embracing enterprise mobility to its deepest, by incorporating a BYOD concept, providing mobile device usage to its employees, with a vision to spread efficiency and effectiveness in the entire organization. But however goody it may look, it has its own share of challenges and trouble to be faced. For an effective mobile management in the enterprise, they need to set and implement certain policies that ensure a thorough, secure and comprehensive usage and monitoring of mobile device management. These policies may be customizable based on individual needs and processes.

In order to bring about a safe and productive environment, it is essential that these policies are well written and monitored once implemented. The most obvious advantages of a mobile device management – the need of the hour today are enhanced mobile deployments, proper risk management, maximized ROI, controlled budget and many more. In order to avail this, there are certain factors that can be supervised on a regular basis.

How best can we ensure a Secure and Fruitful Enterprise Mobility Management?


    • Be it any type of policy, its usage and its guidelines depend upon the type of audience it is being targeted at. The prime important thing is to group end users according to their geography or work profile or designation, whatsoever is the requisite factor while implementing an enterprise mobility management system in the organization. Based on the criteria, one can define the limits that are to be observed while implementing any policy.
    • As technology advances, there are umpteen types of mobile devices practices that need to be monitored for efficient mobile device management. While tracking mobile usage, one need to look at parameters like data usage, text messages, multimedia, roaming timings and many more and limits should be set of each of them based on usage groups. Appropriate alerts and notifications should also be generated as soon as the limit is being exceeded, also offering upgrade plans. This way, there is a control over the mobile data being used by end users.
    • While purchasing mobile devices and relevant services, one should keep in mind the end user category and requirements and purchase accordingly. Instead of blindly procuring in bunches for the entire chunk, irrespective of the fact that their needs and usage are different, the ideal mechanism for a comprehensive mobile device management is to buy as per department and user needs.
    • One of the prime requirements in any enterprise mobility management system is sticking hard to its security policy. It is very essential to make end users abide by the security regimes of any organization. The highest possible risks of mishaps are through the BYOD devices that try to access the organizational network for official use. There should be sufficient care and authoritative precautions taken whenever any device accesses the corporate network. Cases like penetrating wrong territories, getting access to unauthorized Wi-Fi, devices with employees who are no longer working with the organization, breaking across mobile phones to name a few are areas that need a lot of security specific attention. Relevant alerts and notifications need to be generated at the time of the location changes or whenever the mobile scheme needs an alteration.
  • With the world booming with a variety of apps and that too, all types – without any trademark of whether they will turn up beneficial or harmful, it is a very necessary requirement to take care of all the mobile devices staying away from harmful elements. It is essential that whatever mobile apps are downloaded, are done from authorized app stores and not from unlawful ones.

A precise definition of do’s and don’ts to implement a robust and comprehensive mobile device management system is an ideal step to ensure a successful business. ‘Precaution is better than cure’ – as rightly digested since our childhood – if we stick to these above rules and regulations, we are sure to implement a highly secure and productive enterprise mobility management system.

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