Liferay – A Java Based Enterprise Web Application Framework

  • Posted on : October 20, 2014
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Java

What is Liferay?

A booming free, open-source web application framework in Java – Liferay is a portal, a web platform that facilitates the development of robust websites and portals. It also imbibes a content management system within it, which lets the developers build websites and portals with a combination of themes, pages, portals, and navigation. It does support plugins into varied languages like PHP and Ruby portlets. Because it is Java-based, it can execute on any platform which possessed the JRE and an application server. It comes bundled with a servlet container called Apache Tomcat.

Major Service Areas Liferay Offers


Salient Features of Liferay

  • Scalable with multiple transactions per server
  • Utmost performance with multiple views and users
  • Runs varied technologies like PHP, Ruby, Python in midst of a robust Java framework
  • Cloud compatible
  • Security practices stringently followed
  • Cost-effectiveness as compared to competitors
  • Innovative ideas like AJAX with diverse capabilities
  • Enhanced business agility
  • Its open-source nature provides space and freedom
  • Round the clock support with SLA terms – well defined
  • Provides choices for application servers, databases, and OS

Products offered by Liferay

There are certain products offered by Liferay, each of them having their own innovative feature list:

  • Liferay Portal

Liferay Portal is a lightweight open-source platform bundled with a flexible architecture and interoperability between platforms, databases, and OS. Since its compatible with most of the high-end application servers, it is considered very scalable and hence, possesses increased popularity. It is one prime framework that helps organizations lower their total cost of ownership.

  • Liferay Social Office

Liferay Social Office is an open-source solution to manage documents, communication, collaboration, and people.

  • Liferay Sync

For sharing files with a simple drag and drop facility. It makes the entire platform very easy to use and centralized.

Achievements Of Liferay

Liferay promises to give you solutions that guarantee futuristic growth and are considered to be way simpler and flexible than most of its competitors today. Work on it and have hands-on experience to feel the power of Liferay. Some of Liferay’s achievements are:

  • Fortune 500 clients under its umbrella of products
  • One of the leading Java CMS solution providers
  • 24 x 7 SLA support
  • A leader, as mentioned in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Horizontal portals
  • Spread out community encompassing millions of downloads and implementations

SPEC INDIA has been using Liferay in many of the live projects that have been implemented globally with esteemed clients from prestigious organizations and domains.


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