Liferay Enterprise Portal Software – A Hot Topic of Discussion

Enterprise Portal Software or EPS are increasingly used by businesses and enterprises globally to integrate their processes, information & core activities using seamless user interfaces. Employees and other authorized personnel access web services or internal portal networks using EPS. Generally, organizations collate information from multiple sources spread across the enterprise and represent the data as a comprehensive entity through a portal software.


The enterprise portals collectively form portal networks that cover the entire enterprise value chain of an organization. Routine applications such as CRM, content & document management systems, wiki, blogs, and others form a part of the enterprise portal software packages. Liferay portal development is a hot topic of discussions today.


Liferay – Innovative Solutions


This portal is a web platform that organizations use to develop portals & websites, categorized as a free and open source enterprise and is complemented with built-in web content management system.


This content management or web application framework is a popular choice of many to implement corporate intranet and extranet. Liferay is capable of supporting multiple programming languages via plugins & extensions. Java is the language used to develop Liferay itself, which is made up of multiple portlets or functional units.


Gartner & Liferay


Liferay is part of an elite list along with 16 other organizations as released by Gartner. For the seventh time in a row in 2016, announcing it as the Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Horizontal portals.


Liferay – Distributions


The open source, yet professional company Liferay Inc. promotes Liferay as a product. The company is headquartered in US and provides paid professional services as well as free documentation to its software users. Developers generally agree that once a user logs into Liferay portal and accesses the default screen, it is obvious that even general users can easily administer this software with limited technical knowledge.


Other than organization websites, Liferay is a popular option to build collaborative platforms or community sites. In effect, it is a customizable platform for web building that allows corporate integration & application development in a social, collaborative fashion.


LifeRay – Community Vs Enterprise Editions


Liferay offers two editions based on organizational needs Liferay portal Community edition CE and Liferay portal Enterprise edition or EE.

Community vs Enterprise

It is difficult to determine which edition is best suited for organizational without detailed study of the requirements. Proper analysis by a Liferay development company team well versed with the Liferay product range is recommended before making a decision.


Liferay offers a collaboration suite, Liferay Social Office besides other products & projects


Liferay Products and Projects

LIferay Products

LifeRay – Features


Field Customizations


With Liferay portal, it is easy for administrators to modify and add user attributes while keeping the database intact. Liferay 6 has extended this feature to blogs, web content, folder structures, images & bookmarks.


Flexible Enterprise Integration Framework


Developers & users alike can integrate services and content from backend systems using Liferay as a central presentation platform. Along with proprietary API’s, Liferay also supports a host of other methods such as RSS, SOAP, REST.


Advanced Personalization


Taking into account user’s profile preferences, location or activities, contextual personalization is possible leading to functionality and content specification.


Simplified UI development


The key advantage of Liferay portal development is the appropriate integration of all enterprise systems in a singular, easy to use interface via the presentation layer. This naturally makes development of channel, community or external websites easy.


Single Sign On (SSO) feature


With Liferay, it is possible to pull disparate systems in an integrated manner and ensure synergic availability by a single login, effectively allowing application and content to be accessed from a centralized location.




Liferay allows developers to reuse in-built workflows via APIs. Users also have the flexibility of building their own workflows and approval mechanisms.


Performance Monitoring


With the portal auditing feature, administrators have better visibility & tracking of user activities. KPI’s for all portal pages can be made available to developers and system owners.


Single Click Configuration


Liferay makes tedious tasks like adding new apps, content, page layout changes easy & quick as they can be done with minimal clicks without page refreshes or reloads. Users can also move elements within the portal seamlessly with drag & drop facilities.


Role Based Content Delivery


With Liferay portal development it is possible to display the same page to different users with controlled permissions. In essence, each user would be looking at only the content he or she is authorized to view.


Core Portlets


    • Alerts and Announcements
    • Alfresco, Documentum, and other document library integration
    • Asset Publishing
    • Blogs and blog aggregation
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Calendar
    • Chat
    • Document and Image management
    • Document Library Manager, Recent Documents
    • Knowledge Base
    • LDAP Integration
    • Mail
    • Message Boards
    • Nested Portlets
    • Page Ratings & Flags
    • Polls
    • Site Map
    • Site Navigation
    • Social Equity
    • Software Catalogue
    • Tags and Categories
    • Themes
    • User Directory
    • Web Content
    • Web Form Builder
    • WebDAV Integration
    • Website Tool
    • Wiki


LifeRay – What Makes it Better


Equipped with nice features that give it a fair chance against its close competitors, certain differentiators tilt the balance in favor of Liferay when it comes to making a selection for Enterprise Portal Software.


Feature Rich Functionality


Developers agree that the tools Liferay consists of are indeed unique when it comes to functionality mapping, be it collaboration, social & mobile innovation or basic content and portal management.


Reduced Ownership Costs


Considering competition in terms of licensing cost, operational overheads, training expenses as well as development or infrastructure costs, Liferay does have the edge with a relatively low TCO.


Going Agile


In line with modern business trends, Liferay facilitates agile development. Liferay is easy to administer and install and suits enterprises looking for faster development and roll out cycles.




Although Liferay is an open source framework, it does offer an enterprise edition where businesses have an option of purchasing round the clock support. This renders maturity to the Liferay framework with availability of latest features, bug fixes and online and phone based support.


Flexible Infrastructure Leverage


With Liferay, organizations have a wide variety of choices when it comes to selecting databases, operating systems or application hosting, avoiding the need to invest in separate infrastructure or skills just to make use of Liferay in their enterprise environment.


Desirable Plugins


Using Liferay, developers can model product behavior in line with organizational requirements. Liferay’s hook & extension plugin model makes this possible without the headache of rewriting codes and applications from scratch.


Product Feature Sponsorship


Developers can add their vital customizations and contributions to Liferay’s core product offering. Hence, businesses can rely on Liferay to retain and maintain enhancements and feature customizations while using this platform.


On A Parting Note – Liferay Digital Experiences


Digital experiences are the buzzword today creating paperless processes through digitization. Modern technologies leveraged along with the internet play a pivotal role in taking companies to the next level of innovation that ultimately delights their customers.


Today, all user enriching experiences like integrated websites and mobile apps are contributing to digital experiences, making customers & employees better involved and connected.


The Liferay Digital Experience Platform allows enterprises to setup & connect personalized digital experiences across multi-channels with appropriate guidance from Liferay development companies. Businesses can gain the advantages of a secure platform with consolidation & easy to use interfaces. Business priorities such as customer loyalty, transformation or marketing & campaign management get an edge with this digital experience platform rolled out with minimal complexities.


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