Maximize ROI With Sales Force Automation

A well-known catchword in the sales and distribution industry today is Sales Force Automation (SFA), which has picked up pace due to its significant and innovative features which implement the automation of the entire sales force / field staff performance and thereby, integrate it with the back office. Business processes are enhanced, productivity is increased, sales figures have gone up, processes are much more effective and efficient – these are few of the many outputs observed after implementing sales force automation in organizations.


One of the major benefits of SFA is better and enhanced sales forecasting. At any organizational level, it is imperative to get into the details of future anticipations and forecasting. What type of decisions should be taken, how is the inventory being managed, how to take care of the cash flow and risk mitigation – these are some of the areas which are of concern to the top level management. Few organizations have separate teams to work out these figures to ensure a smooth flow. But, with Sales Force Automation, the entire process becomes automated and hence the management at any point of time, can access the real time information they desire in their required format.

How does SFA work?


How will Sales Force Automation maximize ROI?

  •  There is a steep increase in productivity and in the selling time by a per-defined percentage because of Sales Force Automation.
  •  Thorough implementation of a proper SFA solution can lead to increase in sales revenue and market share
  •  Increased tracking of field sales executives and daily monitoring of their activities leads to increased returns
  •  Due to systematic information transfer and update, there are reduced chances of errors, risks and miscommunication.
  •  Top management will get the required reports in the needed format, and thereby monitoring and managing the entire automation activity is much easier and flexibile.
  •  Due to proper sales forecasting, the top management is able to apply its mind on competitive streaks going around in the market and hence increasing ROI.

SPEC INDIA, your IT partner, has been a known name owing to its flagship solution, the Mobile Sales Force Automation Solution “ZooM” and it has been implemented at a wide clientele base. There are diverse modules like Pre-sales by company / distributor, direct / van sales and surveys / feedbacks. We would be glad to give a demonstration of our enterprise offering whenever possible.

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