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  • Posted on : July 25, 2016
  • Modified: March 3, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : eCommerce

Attribute it to rapidly advancing technology or increasing awareness or instant availability, there has been a noticeably heavy explosion of mobile devices witnessed all over the globe. You will see every other person with their mobile devices handy with them, round the clock. Obviously, our dependency on them exponentially has increased leading to an unparalleled growth of the eCommerce sector worldwide. And now, leading a step further enters the mCommerce development which fuses in, seamlessly, a perfect blend of the eCommerce technology with mobility based devices – a sure shot success technique, making waves all over, carving a niche for itself. To add to the soaring success are a variety of internet accessible techniques available, extremely handy and easy to avail – broadband, WiFi, 3G and now 4G and so on…

The globe is witnessing immense potential in this wonderful technological fusion and there are umpteen enterprises foraying into this industry, bringing along a large amount of benefit to the consumer base too. There is a two way benefit being availed – the business owners are minting money with increased and swift returns and the consumer is happily getting all that is needed, with just a few clicks and with least physical movement.

mCommerce Development

5 Key Developments being observed in mCommerce Mobile App Development

  • The distance between the physical space and online space will keep reducing. With increased use of mobile devices and that too, a variety of them available instantly, there is an increasing involvement of it with the physical community thereby, diminishing the gap between them. Be it the latest technologies like Beacons or a multitude of online services being offered in almost all domains, this year is witnessing business owners leveraging the use of technology all over the digital and physical territories offering their best to their clients.
  • With a transition from eCommerce to mCommerce, the involvement of social media within mobile devices will continue to enhance. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and so on – each one of them has enhanced its feature list to include mobile based activities alluring its members to become clients forever.
  • Mobile payments have taken off brightly during this year. Big and medium size stalwarts have moved on to online payments with mobile devices and to add a feather to its cap, have also introduced different loyalty schemes to attract their clientele. Customers are keen to use the most commonly used apps, rather than moving onto device specific apps. Mobile payment services like PayPal, Apple Pay etc. are seeing an increasing usage although, with a different rising ratio.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is making its presence felt with increased usage of mobile devices. IoT has been influential to businesses in terms of increased revenue, maximized ROI and enhanced client satisfaction and now with high end technologies entering the scenario, they are proving to fulfil their objectives with ease. One such trend setting device that reflects the very purpose of IoT is Wearables. Wearables – Apple Watch, Google’s Android Wear and many more.
  • Increasing use of mobile devices by consumers is leading to a direct impact on retailers augmenting the user experience of their sites/apps on mobile devices. Because customers are heavily using the mobile, business owners are now forced to stick to a certain quality standard so far as the security, performance, navigation and look of the application goes.

mCommerce Development in India – Witnessing an Upsurge

India, after all, has been proving itself as one of the most forthcoming adapters of the latest technologies, has once again, proven its supremacy by embracing firstly eCommerce and now mCommerce with open arms. Look here, look there, you will find eCommerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Myntra and many others, intensifying the stiff competition in the mCommerce market. In wary of proving themselves the best, these service providers are all finding novel ways and means to attract new clients and retain existing ones – one of the toughest jobs.

mCommerce Development in India

Thanks to our government’s Digital India project, there is a sure shot boost to the eCommerce sector because of internet availability at remote nooks and corners of the country, giving rise to increased business and revenue generation.

The mCommerce development industry is increasing its spread in different fraternities like online retail shopping, online travel / ticketing, online marketplace, online deals, online classified portals to name a few. mCommerce has found its worth in many other new areas like classifieds, real estate, grocery, health care, finance, entertainment etc. There is increased business from not only big cities but from smaller towns and this surely brings about a bright ray of hope of increasing trends in this particular technology service area. There are successful partnerships being established enterprises, bringing in solutions needed by clients at a single place, making life simpler for consumers. The product basket is also increasing with a variety of products appending on to the basket every single minute. Hardly are there any items which are not a part of any eCommerce mobile app development now.

There is so much to look forward to. It seems magical as we witness almost everything being possible with just a mobile device in our hands. Now, there aren’t many areas untouched by the magic wand of this beautiful fusion of eCommerce and mobile devices – mCommerce. Let us wait and watch to experience further developments in mCommerce, making us proud of the manner in which technology is gently fusing into our lives, making itself an indispensible ingredient.

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