Microsoft’s “Cloud-first, Mobile-first” Strategy – It’s All About Looking Forward

“The only way you are going to be able to orchestrate the mobility of these applications and data is through the cloud… That’s why the juxtaposition of cloud infrastructure and mobile experiences is where the world is going.” A vision Satya Nadella saw and implemented – Making Microsoft the prominent platform and throughput organization for the Mobile-first, Cloud-first world is now bearing fruits. It was the Indian-origin visionary’s mantra to build a network, transitioning from a typical traditional infrastructure to a fully wireless cloud computing platform. With proven statistics that Cloud App Development is all set to rule today and tomorrow, it has helped redefine the progression of the network topology to a cloud-based exemplary that provisions client needs and contemporary app designs. With a stringent focus on managing Windows, cross-platform and IoT together, the Microsoft leader has laid stress on digitalized interactions which prove to be highly valuable visions. With Microsoft, unleashing the true potential of enterprise app development, his predecessor had established a ‘devices and services’ approach, which now has been carried forward, with innovative and agile value addition of this wonderful strategy of ‘Cloud-first, Mobile-first’.

The need for a cloud and mobile-driven approach was majorly felt since the employees and customers now had not only been operating their systems sitting on the desks. Mobile is the key conduit for reaching out to end-users / customers. Earlier, the entire setup was desktop driven but now it is mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktops all together, with a wireless approach and that too, on an ever-increasing spree. The globe is going wireless and so did this technology giant. Anyways, a wireless environment is always a better option in terms of cost calculations, security, a broader range of users and user-friendliness.

Cloud first mobile first

With ‘Cloud-first, Mobile-first’, Microsoft Azure Edges Closer to its Peers

Microsoft Azure – a flexible and open platform for the cloud that offers proficient cloud computing. Earlier call Windows Azure, it is a sure shot platform to run .NET applications, for various developer requirements and has its own runtime environment and SDK to build and run state-of-the-art apps for the cloud. With this innovative approach by Satya Nadella and Cloud App Development going great guns, this technology has now renovated into an open infrastructure package for enterprises, showcasing vital features such as Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Service Fabric, Azure Container Service and more. These advancements have made Azure much more likable, acceptable and have driven it quite close to its peers, making it stiff competition for others. The ‘Cloud-first, Mobile-first’ approach has moved Microsoft to a fully wireless network

A Glimpse at the Key Highlights of ‘Cloud-First, Mobile-First’ Strategy

  • It’s all about the experience, not only products or services

Microsoft is now bent upon providing the best of experience, the experience its employees and customers want and the vision has broadened to encompass much more than just the products or services that they offer. The entire focus now lies in natural interaction between stakeholders, with the fundamental base depending upon the newly formed cloud and mobile-based platform.

  • There is much more personal computing than before

Microsoft has changed its strategy now; it has changed its methodologies now. The traditional approach is gone; there is more of personal computing than before. With mobility driven and cloud-based approach at the forefront, there is a changing wave of computing that has brought Microsoft at an advanced level as compared to its peers.

  • Microsoft adapts a global approach, with open infrastructure

The right way to hit the market big is to globalize your product and that is what is being handled by Microsoft. It is bent upon reaching the entire globe with its new strategies so that there is no limitation to devices, infrastructure, geographies, etc. It is all on the cloud and is accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

  • Innovation is at the core

Earlier, even though it was considered standard and the best, Microsoft and its products were a limited lot. But now, with a new vision getting in, the prime fundamental is the experience, globalization, cloud computing and accessibility. There are a new lot of products like One Note, Power BI, Cortana, etc. which are performing big in the IT market and increasing the popularity of Microsoft big time.

  • Insightful information is just a fingertip away, with Big Data

Microsoft now is closely associated with Big Data tools and technologies that provide the best of insightful information. Having just Big Data infrastructure isn’t enough, what is really needed is the potential to unveil the heaps of information hidden behind. Microsoft looks forward to achieving this with the true potential of the cloud.

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