Mobile App Personalization, Unleashing Smart Ways of Engaging the User!

  • Posted on : September 12, 2017
  • Modified: February 24, 2022

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Mobile app abandonment is the new epidemic of sorts, taking its name after the much- dreaded cart abandonment on eCommerce sites and in the brick and mortar stores. It is nothing short of a nightmare for both the custom mobile app development companies and the promoter of the app itself.

A Few Alarming Pointers

There are 1.6 million apps available in the Google Play Store and 1.5 million apps in the Apple App Store…

Those numbers are rising every day……


An average person has 65 apps installed on their phone…

But only uses about 15 per week…….


Enter Mobile App Personalization

Personalization comes to the rescue ensuring that the users find an unmissable connect to the apps from the very beginning, right from onboarding itself. Doing away with one size fits all, is a done thing for sure when it comes to communicating with mobile app users. Personalization crosses over to a completely different way of interacting completely different from sending generalized communications which turn out to be very close to spamming.

Mobile App Development

As engaging the millennial user becomes tougher, creating an appeal does not remain as simple as customizations any more for mobile app development solutions. It turns into contextual experiences designed for the users keeping in mind their preferences derived from past experiences, current locations, time of the day and more. Personalization assures relevant & engaging user led experiences for the digitally native users, making them inseparable from their devices. Most enterprises see it as targeted advertising and many others strategize this as a way of increasing the comfort of the users to keep them engrossed systematically and build a long-term relationship by keeping the user interests alive.

An Innovative Debut – Smart Personalization

After smart homes, smart cities and smart of almost everything, in an age ruled by IoT and AI, smart personalization makes a subtle debut too. This new way makes the app itself do most of the work the user would intend to be doing after careful analysis & monitoring of things done by users within the app & correlating to the user activities elsewhere and other contextual information.

It is extremely interesting to know how well-known names put personalization to use to help their clientele make the most of the AI infused apps.

Smart Personalization at Work

Smart Personalization

AI driven apps become a natural progression for apps to adapt to user expectations and deliver personalized experiences. Smartphones are attentive of location of the users and the ongoings around, making AI integration more relevant & contextual. AI brings in analysis of behaviors and blends in user intent into the personalization tactics.

How it Works – Smart Personalization

All in all, smart personalization becomes a complete mashup of varying technologies. Sensors, mobile monitoring, social media, Analytics and more to capture & analyze user behaviors keeping a track of the real-time ongoings right from app sessions, screens viewed, clicks & taps and transactions done. Analytics derived across channels help design personalized experiences using appropriate in-app messages, push-notifications, one on one recommendations and other ways of communication for a contemporary omnichannel model.

The Cycle of Personalization

Cycle of Personalization

Benefits of Personalizing the Apps

All in all, mobile app personalization becomes a critical factor in driving the success of the enterprises in more than many ways. Mobile app development solutions give this a high priority.

Avoids User Saturation to Create a Loyal User Base

Old fashioned apps tend to saturate the users by driving what the users see and not showing what the users would like to see. Loss of interests and abandonment of the app is a catastrophic outcome in absence of personalization. Mobile apps relying on personalization keep up the interests of the users and help in creating regular users of the apps.

Needless to say, this increases the revenues of the enterprises manifolds!

Keeps the Users Engaged Across the Channels

A mature personalization model continuously gauges the user behaviors across channels & touchpoints. Personalization turns multichannel & omnichannel user experiences into a direct mapping of user expectations making itself the focus of marketing strategies across domains.

In a Nutshell

In the need to capture data for relevant personalization, care needs to be taken to evade violations of privacy of the users of the app. The data collected should fulfill privacy requirements at all times.

Custom mobile app development companies devise newer methods to generate unique experiences, doing away with generalized user experiences. Altering user experiences to suit the taste of the user becomes the new challenge for all marketing tactics. This sure is the most dependable way to keep up competition in overcrowded app stores.

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