Mobile Application Development for Virtual Healthcare Integrating Technology with Life

An integration of pure sciences with technology culminates as a need of the day with the virtual healthcare apps and software development harnessing the Healthcare Industry. Healthcare organizations revolutionize the use of data and technology to narrow the gap between data created and actually put to use with purposeful methods to do it.

To suit the requirements on this very new front, these novel solutions adapt to the needs of biology and human sciences to make Healthcare become more organized and effective with prudent curation of Clinical Data, maintaining strict code of conduct for compliance with HIPPA, PHI, HEDIS and other Healthcare Industry Standards.

Mobile Application For HealthCare

Compliances Made Simple with Mobile Application Development for Virtual Healthcare

Enterprise mobility solutions for the healthcare industry integrate the mandatory norms like HIPAA – the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, protect medical records and other Personal Health Information (PHI).

These new age mobility solutions recognize the need to protect the identifiers listed by PHI like the patient identities, biometric data, medical records, account numbers and treat them with special care as expected, exhibiting great maturity and care in the apps.

The use of industry specific tools like the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set -HEDIS is an indispensable part of the Enterprise mobility solutions for the Healthcare industry today. HEDIS is used by a large majority of Health Plans to measure performance on important dimensions of care and service across various domains.

  • Effectiveness of Care
  • Access/Availability of Care
  • Experience of Care
  • Utilization and Relative Resource Use
  • Health Plan Descriptive Information

Healthcare Industry – A Changing Outlook

HealthCare Industry

The focus of HealthCare industry becomes more continuous than single time. The cycle from diagnosis, treatment, follow-ups, home care and support becomes more methodical with the aid of apps and software development for healthcare. The Quality of care gains high importance as health and care becomes a unified service of its own accord.

The need for collaborations between doctors, researchers, care givers, and hospitals suggest that it is time for this industry to move from the traditional methods to the more agile and practical mobile based solutions as also eCRM ideologies for this industry.

Virtual Health

Virtual healthcare apps and software development for this approach, make a mark in primary healthcare. Reducing the efforts of clinicians and patients to meet each other physically where avoidable, virtual healthcare increases the efficiency of many in this fast paced life. Routine visits and follow ups can be virtually scheduled and conducted as far as possible.

It is not an exclusion of personal care, but strikes a delicate balance between both the methods putting to use innovative methods like BI & Big Data, mobile devices, Cloud Computing and more with an approach to facilitate collaborative efforts.

Virtual Health includes

    • Patient – Clinician encounters
    • Patient self-management
    • Coordinate Care with a Comprehensive view with an Analytical approach

Mobile Applications for Healthcare at the Top of the Charts

Mobile App for HealthCare

Healthcare apps remain top of the charts on the Appstore and the Playstore and it is estimated that the free downloads run into millions on both iOS and Android, indicative of the trends today and the increasing cohesiveness between technology and healthcare today.

Healthcare Management Solutions designed for healthcare providers and the consumers are quite popular; but what is gaining importance is also patient education, continued medical education and remote monitoring amongst the others.

Applications developed for various devices, smartphones, tablets, wearables take charge of the Healthcare industry and transform it into the mHealth industry making the most of the flexibility and ease of use that these funky devices offer to the stakeholders across the spectrum of the healthcare industry.

Mobile Applications for Healthcare Beat the Challenges to offer more

Like any other software solution, the mobile technologies based solutions for the Healthcare Industry overcome a lot of challenges to offer its unique benefits, making these solutions most sought after today. Prudent developers include preventive and corrective measures in the solutions itself.

Mobile App Challenges

Case Study – Care Giver App


This iPhone app was envisioned as one of its kind to provide a common platform to individual and group Care Givers to manage their Home Care activities. Designed for Home Care agencies to schedule and manage care plans for home bound patients and also track and organize care taker activities, this app was planned to be a handy and practical tool.


Care Giver boasts of an impressive features list to keep a tab on visits by caretakers, maintain logs which can be mapped to the back office for further co-ordination, track patient history and manage the very useful Circle of Care Givers.

      • The Circle of Care Givers
          • Create new Circles
          • Manage participants
          • Circle coordinator
          • Care givers
          • Assign tasks
          • Notify Circles of any changes and swapping
      • Search patients
      • Track scheduled visits for the day
      • View patient history
      • Obtain directions to patient location
      • Visits
          • Manage Visit
            • Time Check In and Check Out for a specific visit
            • Mark task
            • Completed
            • Refused
            • View
          • Unscheduled visits
          • Past visits
          • Pending visits


This practical and useful app becomes an indispensable tool for managing patients, caregivers and coordinating their activities. Efforts of scheduling tasks earlier were time consuming and log keeping was complicated too. Care Giver ensures fast and practical methods of allocating tasks and tracking them automatically. Since the caregiver needs to log the tasks and clock them as a part of the visit, data capture becomes systematic and unerring. Automated messaging and a Help Center is also an integral part of this Solution.

      • Increase in efficiency of scheduling and completing visits
      • Optimal utilization of a caregiver’s time
      • Improved patient engagement
      • Progressive Returns on Investment

SPEC INDIA for Mobile Healthcare

Keeping pace with technology, SPEC INDIA invests in research for new technologies introduced for this niche industry like Apple HealthKit and Apple Research Kit to mention a few. SPEC INDIA studies collaborative techniques adopted by hospitals across the world to assist the Healthcare industry adopt mobile technologies in a more fruitful and useful way.

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