Mobile Apps for Travel & Tourism!! At the Top of the Millennial Packing List!!

The travel bug hits the millennials like none other. The meaning of travel changes from simply leisure to exploring one’s own likings on the go. The new age wanderers explore, design and execute their own plans. Travel becomes an adventure into the unknown. Armed with technology & appropriate travel mobile app development approaches these escapades take a completely different turn!

Mobile App For Travel

A comparison of most frequently downloaded mobile apps have put travel & tourism based apps at a very noticeable position. Studies indicate that a whooping sixty percent of smartphone users rely on travel apps when they plan a vacation. Travel apps truly are digital tools and with the level of portability, flexibility & user friendliness they offer, it is but natural that the millennial travelers put them on the top of their packing lists.

On the other hand, the travel & tourism enterprises integrate specialized technology like Big Data, Analytics  & mobile apps into their workflows to keep the millennial workforce & travelers engaged effectively. They also understand that it is not just as simple as offering only apps on the smartphone of the millennials but integrating much more.

The disruption that the mobile apps bring in into the travel sector is huge.

Integrating the Apps into the Travel Enterprise Workflows

Mobile phones enable both the travel enterprises & the traveler get real-time data on the go, any part of the world, bringing the globe at their fingertips. Effectively, mobile apps for travel industry bring along a unique experience for everyone, be it tourists or tour operators.

Tourism industry exploits the mobile apps to bring in noticeable advantages with prudent partnerships with mobile application development companies.

Keeping the Traveler Engaged

Hotel booking, maps of the vacation place, online ticketing, details on local food joints and popular attractions, reviews of the place, the tourist names it and there is an app for it or even a single app covering all of the above for a location. Mobile apps designed specifically for travel & tourism also enable users to post pictures, feedback or reviews on their destination, flight or hotel.

Giving an Edge to Marketing

Apps enable travel companies mark their presence and retain an edge in an industry that has always remained competitive. A single click enables travel enterprises to reach out to millions of users and remain ahead of competition when mobile apps are effectively used for marketing.

Studies confirm that the usage of Social Media & Local platforms to reach out to potential customers helps organizations boost their RoIs. On the other hand, trending technologies like beacons, geared to grab attention of the patrons, bring in a completely new angle with proximity based marketing approaches mixing both the virtual & real experiences seamlessly.

Personalizing the Traveler Experiences

Mobile apps go beyond bookings & learning about a place for the tourists. They are a great technique by which tour operators remain in touch with customers when on the trip to provide very useful suggestions.

Mobile apps provide the perfect platform remain connected to customers in relevant manners with basic analytics for customer expectations, requirements, areas of interests & travel preferences on hand. Based on user feedback and trend analysis, travel operators offer customized tour or vacation packages that are individually tailored to each traveler.

Analytics go a long way for enterprises to plan their marketing campaigns. Travel apps also effectively incorporate feedback mechanism. This helps not only maintain good connect with customers, but also avoid negative publicity at times.

Building Engaging Customer Loyalty Programmes

Mobile apps designed for travel industry by mobile application development companies are best suited to run loyalty programs. It is easy to push discount coupons and best deals to seasoned customers to retain brand loyalty. Travel enterprises also attract potential customers by using mobile apps to offer first time app usage discount, promotional schemes, season based designed packages and overall cost benefits to plan a vacation.

Reducing the Paper Trail

Mobile apps allow travel enterprises issue digital copies of virtually everything; ranging from receipts, invoices, travel marketing brochures, passport control related paperwork, right up to hotel tickets & boarding passes. These allows enterprises in this industry adopt a paperless structure, while keeping a tab on resources & human cost.

With customers having a 24×7 secure availability of all papers on their tabs or phones, never losing or forgetting critical documents, for the tourism enterprises it certainly means less chances of needing to pacify travelers in tricky situations.

Bringing in Comprehensiveness & Effectiveness with Travel Apps

Undoubtedly, mobile travel apps are incorporated with all the necessary features that a traveler could possibly ask for. Sightseeing plans, shopping at destination, ticket & accommodation logistics, car rentals as well as travel insurance; the traveler names it and the app has it!! This aspect suits most tourists or travelers as they are saved from the hassle of multiple portals & get organized for everything comprehensively during a travel. Travelers & enterprises collaborate very easily with the apps keeping them connected for various interactions.

For the enterprise, automation of operational aspects like bookings, billing, invoicing & more lead to optimized processes. Enterprises retain and manage all of their content over the Cloud accessed through apps 24*7 any corner of the world.

Apps for the Wanderer

Today, Airbnb, globally accepted as the pioneer in next-gen travel bookings, allows potential customers to review homestays and rentals with pictures and videos. Apps like Google Maps & Google Translate make a traveler feel at home in a foreign land. Apps like Groupon on the other hand, keep sharing the best deals around and Trip Advisor is the travel guru always advising the wanderer.

  • Planning the trip with TripAdvisor & LonelyPlanet
  • Easy bookings with Airbnb & Booking.Com
  • Navigating into the Unknown with Google Maps
  • Wheels on hand with Uber & Zoomcar
  • Keeping in touch with Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook
  • Blending in with GoogleTranslate, GroupOn, Zomato, AccuWeather

In a Nutshell

Travel mobile app development is a field with endless possibilities specially for the tourism industry where innovative ideas and selections matter the most to bring in technology to push the business into the right direction. Correctly leveraged mobile app technology allow travel enterprises explore innumerable opportunities.

What is vital to figure out is the inclinations of the millennial traveler who shifts to mobile apps as a travel solution. The future of tourism industry lies in generating value for the millennial tourists & workforce helping them with highly resourceful travel apps with unforgettable experiences.

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