Mobile Sales Force Automation Coupled With Business Intelligence – A Comprehensive Solution

When we talk about Mobile Sales Force Automation solutions, the first objective that we envisage is the field staff/sales force to have instant access to data and in turn provide the needful to the management for a real-time view of the entire stage of operations. Of course, the drill-down details of each organization would be specific including the salient features, employees involved and the roles and responsibilities associated. But, what is most sought after in all these organizations, that have implemented Mobile Sales Force Automation Systems is Business Analytics and information in terms of Business Intelligence Solutions.

When it comes to business growth and forecasting, Business Intelligence plays a pivotal role and barring that, it is the toughest task for top management to perceive and analyze the data which is accumulating in abundance from downwards and to cull out the necessary information in the required format. Especially, when it comes to Sales Force systems, BI is a must as it directly affects the performance and growth of the organization. The major challenge faced by enterprises today is the abundance of data that is being extracted through intelligent Mobile SFA systems but lack of all-inclusive and perceptive granular analytics.

Hence, a combination of the two technologies would be an ideal situation: Mobile Sales Force Automation clubbed with Business Intelligence.

Mobile Sales Force Automation

How Is Business Intelligence The Key To Fulfilling The Mobile Sales Force Automation Objective?

As always, there are certain parameters that are common between organizations and some which remain different. The technology set up and the routine operations may change from enterprise to enterprise whereas the key features and the efficiency that we seek are sure to be on the same standard lines. Hence, using technology to meet the results is the right thing to do, but exactly how to do it is a question mark? How to achieve what we really want to see? We know what is to be done but how it is to be done is the missing link.

Most enterprises that have adapted Mobile Sales Force Automation solutions are not very happy with the way it yields information that can assist decision making. Though the sales activities and the field force activities are surely benefited, the top management is not able to get powerful analytics because of which they can execute correct decisions for better business operations. But yes, once this Mobile SFA solution is clubbed with BI solutions, it is sure to yield better results with the availability of real-time dashboards, easy usage, and perfection of graphical representation in terms of different parameters.

A few of the most sought after analytics that is needed are forecasts based on past history that would assist the field force to plan and promote their sales activities in real-time. At the same time, enterprises have to keep an eye on providing necessary material and guidance to the field force in order to obtain maximum productivity and profitability. A comprehensive Mobile Sales Force Automation system would definitely take care of all this. And, to add to the success, an ideal Business Intelligence solution would provide all the necessary information to the senior management in a visually and graphically appealing format, which would fasten any decision-making process, bring forward any risks or errors that may occur, highlight the performance of the sales force and the products too. Very obviously, if any enterprise is provided with such intelligent and user-specific analytics in real-time, it is bound to increase uptime and reduce errors and downtime, enhancing user productivity and maximizing its Return on Investment, which is a prime ingredient in the success of any business.

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