Mobile Sales Force Automation Systems for the Beverage Industry

All the huge businesses dealing in beverage industry have to maintain a reliable supply chain for supply of tea, coffee and other cold drink delivered direct to their location which would enhance the sales of their overall business. But many times to keep in competition there is adaptation of new Sales Force Automation Software application which can keep them ahead in business and save productive time of sales men.

Beverage Service Company identifies the utilization of time with its feature can authorize the productivity of their brew allocation business and their purchasers relationships. Beverage sales force automation is a decisive time of the Company’s strategic proposal to leverage advanced mobile computing technology to increase sales and service. The most updated mobile Sales force application software solutions help authorize enterprise and their sales forces to compete efficiently in the marketplace. With a well-integrated sales force automation tool and interactive selling solution comprising user-friendly sales and manufacturing configuration compacts the sales and production process cost

Beverage Mobile Sales force automation specifically is designed for the beverage Order & delivery Management. The Mobile SFA helps in taking Order, Manage sales of bottles, Apply different type of promotions, Manage return of bottles, Manage lease or consignment of bottles , get direct feedback from customer, Manage Urgent delivery , View last sales information related for specific customer, Instant Back & Recovery of the transactions , High transactional password security, Offline transaction management , manage daily expenses & collection done , generation of unique legal document / ticket number , improve operational efficiencies, increases profit margins and reduces costs .

On demand bases information from the back end database is downloaded to the mobile handset of workforce through web services and can be upload any time, need availability of GPRS connectivity. This facilitates beverage organizations to attain larger profitability by adding extra POS with efficiently managing the delivery.

There is lot of other benefits which includes: no trouble trail and load stock from multiple locations, add new products and promotions speedily and easily and abridge delivery preparations.

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