MongoDB with Java

  • Posted on : August 13, 2014
  • Modified: March 1, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Java ,   MongoDB

MongoDB is a cross platform, scalable, high-performance, open source document oriented database system. It uses JSON like documents with a dynamic flavor to store data.

MongoDB Features

  • Flexible Data Structure
  • Allows auto-sharing, indexing and querying data
  • Incorporates Ad hoc queries with JavaScript functions
  • Promotes Server side JavaScript execution
  • Proves to be less complex than relational database
  • Acts as a virtual bridge between SQL and NO SQL
  • Uses indexing for speed
  • Introduces Replication features for reliability
  • Achieves Load balancing with horizontal scaling using sharding
  • Implementation of File System is possible because of replication
  • MapReduce put to use for Aggregation
  • Implementations of Circular Queue using capped collections

Benefits of Java are not unknown to us. Features like graphics, networking, threading and automatic memory management promote advantages like reduced memory leaks, support for multi-platform languages and efficient use in development of web applications.


MongoDB is used with Java to reap advantages of both the resilient systems by integrating MongoDB JDBC Driver into the Java Setup. The advantages unfolded by this powerful combination are numerous.

Using MongoDB in Java Development

  • Javascript implementations are much easier that NoSQL
  • Supports most of the dynamic languages
  • The combination of MongoDB with Java reduces queries per page
  • MongoDB is much easier to implement
  • It allows automatic operations which are generally implemented using relational databases
  • It is an object database which deciphers arrays and hash structures

MongoDB Node.js Driver

nodemango3The MongoDB Node.js driver is the officially supported node.js driver for MongoDB. MongoDB has officially adopted the popular Node MongoDB Native Project and now sponsors it for development and enhancements. Written in pure JavaScript it provides a native asynchronous Node.js interface to MongoDB.

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