Moving On From Sales Force Automation to Mobile Sales Force Automation

  • Posted on : June 19, 2015
  • Modified: January 8, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Mobile SFA

Technology shifts from desktops to mobiles and other devices. Today we talk of phones and tablets. Who knows, tomorrow it could be only the wearables and more.Diverse devices and apps completely change the ways in which business is done. It is no surprise then that mobility is the most discussed feature for SFA solutions and the transformation of SFA into Mobile SFA is complete today.

Mobile SFA

Sales Force Automation techniques shift focus towards mobile technologies and SFA transforms into Mobile SFA equipped with newer technologies. The sudden shift catches companies unaware. Technology brings with itself a lot of advantages, but unchecked explosion in technology can create chaos.


Like most mobile technology powered software, mobile SFA is looked forward to as it ensures reduction in infrastructure requirements and hence less upfront and maintenance costs. It assures a quick RoI -Returns on Investment because of ease of implementation and integration into the Sales Force Workflows of organizations.Since it is the field force who is always on the move, mobile SFA sets out with a sole aim of increasing their productivity and performance with improved communications with back office and management.


Armed by the fact the availability of smartphones and tablets widens every passing day and comes within reach of all pockets, converting SFA into Mobile SFA is a smart move for most organizations. The ease of cross platform acceptability and integrationmake the solutions device independent allowing them to be accessible for all. Organizations implementing this concept do not get withheld by compatibility issues and have the freedom to choose their own devices and their software.


Mobile Sales Force Automation could be implementedon any device of choice. Smartphones and tabs are on the top of the list and are very easy to carry and have the style quotient attached too. The improving network facilities across the major countries propel good connectivity and increase the speed of workflow cycles.


The complete integration of enterprise mobility into the Sales Force Workflow enables the transferring of the office into the field itself. Research reaches a frenzy in 2015 to achieve dependable solutions in forecasting and projections.


The bottom line -Mobility is the key and mobile technologies hold all the answers for any Mobile Sales Force Automation.


Organizations need to move intelligently and keep a check on the transformation from SFA to Mobile SFA. An insightful mobile strategy is the call of the day. Unchecked actions have led to common problems across organizations but on the other hand, visionary and techno savvy organizations have kept the situation under complete control.


  • Keeping a check on security breaches because of personal devices
  • Meaningful transition from traditional SFA to a thoughtful Mobile SFA
  • Leveraging the potentials of a in vogue mobile strategy
  • Making the Sales Workflow more efficient during the transformation
    • Constantly integrating newer techniques and concepts in vogue
    • Payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay
    • Location Based Services – LBS
    • Augmented Reality
    • Internet of Things IoT


Technology, when put to use for real life situations works wonders for the stake holders. Imaginative and intuitive Sales Force Automation transformation into a Mobile SFA can be a big help. We just need to see beyond.


The Workflow for Mobile SFA through Features & Apps Available


Mobile technologies improvise and encompass an ever increasing number of apps and features every few months. It was not long ago that we found ourselves debating whether Android L or iOS8 would be our savior. Today we have the same discussions for Android M and iOS9. Windows 10, the all-encompassing Windows is soon to be launched too, taking us from the realm of Windows Phone to an all in one Windows later this year.


The feature list and native apps keep increasing every new version of any new platform. Ingenious heads pump in newer applications for each platform periodically.


The crux is that it is upto a prudent person to put features offered by robust technology to intelligent use into the very well-known areas of SFA to convert it into real mobile SFA.


  • Territories Management
  • Marketing Campaigns
    • Social Media
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
      • YouTube
  • Traditional Marketing


  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Appointment Management
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Collaboration


  • Communication
    • Safeguarding emails
      • Encryption
      • Digital Signature
    • Emails Synchronization
    • Contact wise communication
      • Customers
      • Sales Force
      • Partners


  • Document/File Management
    • Synchronization
    • Sharing


  • Sales Force Performance Management
    • Goals
    • Tutorials
    • Feedback
    • Appreciations


  • Device Management
    • Password Management
    • Device Locking
    • Firewall Shield
    • Certificate Management
      • Enroll
      • Update
      • Revoke
      • Authentication
    • Implementing MDM policies for various platforms
    • Geofence Monitoring Support


  • Cloud
    • Flexible Storage
    • User Based Pricing Model


  • Decision Making
    • Reports and Dashboards
      • Present Visual Data
      • Measure Performances
      • A Powerful Reporting Tool
      • A Competent Analysis Tool
      • Sales Forecasting


Mobile Sales Force Automation- The Change Goes On


Thoughtful plans for rolling out and executing a mobile sales force automation strategy not only helps the sales force to execute their tasks but also improvises customer satisfaction. 2015 heralds a conscious shift of parameters that control the mobile sales force automation, to give way to much discussed newer ways from the traditional ones.


  • Social Media
  • CRM
  • Cloud
  • Automated Marketing


Certainly a promising field where we wait for more and more.



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