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Mobile technologies and mobile devices keep both the developers and the designers on their toes. It was not long ago that both the Developers and the Designers saw each other as contenders, but today they work in close co-ordination to meet the user expectations of having a satisfying and engaging user experience. UI/UX is complete only with the combination of both. Design and Development.

This combination of style, fashion and technology sees its trends every year, driven by the likes and dislikes of the users.

Mobile Application Design

The Trends in Mobile App Design

Big Screen Size

Year by Year, Big Screen smartphones are creating a huge market, and that means a lot in the aspect of mobile app design services. Developers and Designers have to consider how users would hold these huge devices in their hands while they use their applications.

It means that the Designers need to make all the navigation accessible on the fingertips of the users. Designers can force their users to adopt the two-hand grip, but really the design has to be done aesthetically and practically, keeping in mind the most frequently used hand positions.

Swiping & Tapping

These are really the most natural ways to use mobile devices, especially when there is normally only one hand free. Swiping and tapping need to be a part of the mobile app design, integrated from the beginning.

Wearables Design

A contradiction of size would be the wearables. With the ever increasing number of wearable devices every year, it goes without saying that wearables design is set to become huge and is a great challenge and a stark contrast to the tablet design and smartphone design.

Integrating Material Design

With the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google came up with a new idea of mobile application design which followed a layered layout, called Material Design. The design is geometric in nature, with blocks of colors rather than natural textures.

It borrows concepts from natural world and is inspired from objects moving and interacting with each other. Material design brings the shadows and light effects back to application designing.

Movements in Mobile App Design

Movements in an application simply makes it more real and engaging. They help draw focus on specific spots or items that require user attention to initiate necessary actions.

Color Schemes

Appropriate colors and a good mix of them appeals the users. Soothing light and toned down colors make a smooth and crisp design, which pleases the eye.


Correct use of typography adds beauty and expression to the application design. By pairing it with background images and movements, typography does the real talking and grabs attention to deliver a neat user interface.

Accessible app design

Simple layouts, large elements and fonts are lend to accessibility in an application. Accessible designs cater to the diverse mobile devices entering the arena integrating all the features of the app into a seamless design across devices.

Parallax Scrolling

Scrolling down and up to get more is the latest trend. Parallax scrolling improves storytelling, making it more interactive and engaging. Flat designs complement parallax design adding depth to the design of the application.

A Word of Caution for Mobile App Design Companies

Creativity sometimes curbs practicality. Designers need to have a realistic approach while designing and pay heed to common mistakes committed in mobile app design by taking extra cautions while designing.

  • Taking care of the file size & making the design Light
  • Good touch targets to suit the device size and the resolution
  • Smooth and lucid Navigations keeping in mind the device itself
  • Going easy on full screen advertisements and other irritants
  • Delivering a homogeneous user experience across devices

In a Nutshell

The primary purpose behind creating every application is to engage the user. But in most cases, mobile app design companies fail to understand the requirements of the users in an attempt to flaunt their abilities in terms of technology and design.

Designer and developers need to work together to make an application perfect. Developers conceptualize an application and designers infuse elegance and purpose into it. Poor co-ordination between the two spells doom for the app.

User feedback needs to be constantly integrated into the mobile app design to make the software more purposeful and usable. At the end of the day, we need to have an unforgettable user experience and everything else follows.

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