Prudent Planning For Offshore Java Development

  • Posted on : February 29, 2016
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

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Offshoring services started as the transferring of a business process from one country to another or like today, simply from one company to the service provider partner.

An Offshore model for Java development synergizes the organization anywhere on the globe with the software development center abiding by the pre-decided project management method. It is typically the offshore software development center’s responsibility to have technically competent and experienced resources ready for the work to be done. In this model, the infrastructural requirements are taken care of by the software development company itself. The project success depends largely on well-structured project plans and efficient communication between both the parties.

offshore Java Development

To sum it up, offshoring is delegating business processes, in this case, the IT job to an associate in another country.

India goes a long way in the IT outsourcing scenario of the early nineties from the low-end computer-related processes to crucial transaction processing functions and call centers to hardcore software development outsourcing work today including offshore Java development.

Offshore Java Development Benefits

  • Lower manpower costs
  • Time zone benefit
  • A sound technology base
  • Competent information technology experts
  • English speaking population
  • Latest communication facilities

Best Practices For Offshore Java Development

When an enterprise makes the decision to outsource the Java project, there are certain best practices to be followed with caution to avoid unnecessary expenses and delays to the project.

Clear Definition Of The Scope Of Work
  • This is the most important thing to do when an enterprise is out-sourcing the Java development project
  • The enterprise must define the project requirements properly to estimate a reasonable timeline and budget of the project
  • Apart from all these, the enterprise must be very clear about the deliverables expected from the vendor and project schedule
Programming Language Proficiency
  • Knowing the language in which the project is going to be developed will make the project outsourcing successful for the enterprise
  • Basic knowledge of Java such as programming structure, framework, and other related knowledge requires investment in study and research
Project Requirements Awareness In The Steering Team
  • A road map for the Java development project needs to be put in place with appropriate timelines, milestones, and responsibilities delegated to the appropriate members from the project steering team
  • It is recommended to have technical expertise within the steering team also. Depending only on offshore developer would not be enough
  • Having a skilled developer in the team of the enterprise would help the organization with understanding business needs and plan an appropriate solution for the project
Striking A Balance Between Quality And Cost
  • Even if the price is a major concern of the company, choosing an outsourcing company only on the basis of the price quoted is not advisable
  • The service provider must be a good balance of reasonable price and dependable, on-time outputs when java developers are hired
Project Monitoring
  • Once the project is initiated, it is very important for the enterprise to keep a check on and follow the development progress
  • This can be done on a pre-decided periodic basis and maintaining the progress report and sharing with authorized personnel in the organization is quite helpful in maintaining deadlines and keeping the project on track
Wrapping Up The Offshore Java Development Project
  • Along with the technical work plan, the economical plan also must be pre-defined
  • Keeping such a plan will be helpful to make payments on completion of pre-decided milestones
Deliverables And Ownerships
  • Before outsourcing a project, it is important to discuss the ownership and responsibility of the deliverables and the final software
  • It is a must for both the company and the offshore partner to understand the usage of the deliverables to remain in sync with each other avoiding altercations at critical stages of the project

On A Parting Note

Once a project is delivered and deployed, a meticulously planned support and maintenance phase of the project starts. The enterprise should make sure at the onset of the work and include this to be a part of the arrangements as any issues found in the software are best fixed by the service provider themselves.

Competition gets tough for offshore Java development, initiating certain changes in the approach and engagement models of the service providers.

  • Offer flexible Pricing
  • Focus on Quality and allow Pricing to follow
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Demonstrate strict standards of Quality & integrate QA processes as a part of the cycles
  • Share common services with other associates for cost-effectiveness
  • Focus on newer technologies
  • Invest in Research & Java Development

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