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  • Posted on : July 22, 2014
  • Modified: January 10, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
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Owned by the OpenStack Foundation, OpenStack is a set of software tools for management of cloud computing platforms. It is available both for private as well as public clouds. It is known to be the future of cloud computing. It is a merger of development skills and cloud computing technology and aims to provide solutions ranging from simple, scalable to rich and complex. There are lot of integrated projects within OpenStack which deliver components appropriate for a cloud based solution. It was found by Rackspace Hosting and NASA with a motto of offering cloud computing services on any standard hardware.


OpenStack allows its users to deploy virtual machines that take care of various different tasks letting the cloud environment on the go. By spinning up extra instances, it becomes easier to allow more users by concurrent running of tasks. Since it is open source software, the flexibility of allowing changes in the source code lies with the user, hence enabling the global community to take advantage of other’s experience. It is being considered a robust scalable and secure product.

Usage of OpenStack in a cloud environment


OpenStack comes into the IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) category since by providing infrastructure, it makes it flexible for the end users to directly add new instances, on which other cloud components can execute. This built infrastructure runs a platform based on which software applications are created, executed and delivered to the end users. As popularly known, the cloud talks about making computing available in a remote environment where the main software runs as a service on well known servers rather than individual computers. Organizations who look forward to deployment of large scale applications for private or public clouds are keen to use OpenStack. The entire code of OpenStack is available free with a flexible approach of running, building and submitting of code. Organizations using OpenStack are turning agile, availing cost reduction and maximizing their ROI.


Since OpenStack is open source, it is easy for end users to add their own additional components. There are fundamental components defined by the software that form the heart of OpenStack. Let us have a look at them.

Components of OpenStack

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