Oracle: Application Development Framework (ADF) Overview

In technical terms, Oracle Application Development Framework – usually abbreviated as Oracle ADF – provides a commercial Java EE framework for building enterprise applications. It provides visual, and declarative approaches to Java EE project development. Furthermore, it also supports Rapid Applications Development based on ready-to-use design patters, deep and clear coding architecture as well as metadata-driven and visual tools. Based on the MVC architecture, the Oracle ADF supports many combinations of Models and Views.

Java Enterprise Edition – popularly known as Java EE – is a standard, scalable and secure platform that forms the basis for many of today’s enterprise level applications. The Java developers are now able to provide the implementation of extremely rich Java EE applications, adhering to standard patterns and practices with greatly reduced effort. Oracle ADF is an innovative and a mature Java EE development framework available from Oracle and directly supported and enabled by the Oracle’s latest version Oracle 11g.

The Oracle ADF implements that Model-View-Controller design pattern and offers an integrated solution that covers all the layers of this architecture with solution to such areas as – Data persistence, Object/Relational mapping, data binding to UI, security and customization, Extending beyond the core Web based MVC approach, WebCenter portal frameworks simplifying the creation of complete composite applications.

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