OrigoDB – The In-Memory Database Toolkit for Mono/.NET

OrigoDB is a database toolkit allowing development of mission critical real-time systems very quickly with its in-memory technology. This technology gives much faster operations than any other disk operations. Millions of read transactions can be executed per second in such a system and the write transactions run into thousands. This versatile system also supports ACID transactions. The single object oriented model easily saves a lot of time, enhancing the productivity. The data model, the commands and the queries are written in C#. The domain model is customizable or the generic ones like Relational, Document, Key/value, Graph, Xml, Redis clone, Javascript are always there to choose from.


origodbAll in all OrigoDB is an alterative to RDBMS systems allowing Real time analytics, Real time search and promotes  in process distributed caching with rapid prototyping. As far as customizations are concerned, the modular architecture offered by OrigoDB offers modules, plugins, storage and wire formats like JSON, Native binary, Protobuf, and MessagePack. The File System and the SQL Server offers the most reliable storage facilities.


The command journal contains a complete history to trace each and every change to the database. The traceability options offer restore and bug fixing options as well. And it is not only for .NET. The JSON format which is supported by most of the platforms is used. On the other hand the native .NET client is used for optimal performance. All in all both interfaces support ad-hoc queries with the LINQ syntax.


OrigoDB uses a simple web based interface to monitor, start and stop nodes. It manages slaves and standbys and executes ad-hoc queries. OrigoDB offers multi node partitioning if the volume of data cannot fit on a single server. The appropriate data model and partitioning scheme can be set up according to the requirement making each server into a node. Since it is multiplatform it is equally acceptable on Mono/.NET on Windows, Linux or MacOS. It is open source and is based on the open source OrigoDB engine.


The master slave replication feature of the OrigoDB Server incorporates replication with any number of read only slaves. Automatic client redirection and manual role switching promotes this ability. The reliable kernel is responsible for the durability, atomicity and isolation of the database during processing. An OrigoDB database can be hosted within almost any .NET/Mono web, desktop, windows service or console application using the open source embedded engine. It is quite similar to using any commonly used RDBMS. The Server is a commercial dedicated host which runs as a service or from the command line using two communication protocols; native TCP or JSON over HTTP. The simple user interface facilitates administration and ad-hoc querying using LINQ or javascript.


OrigoDb development is coordinated by Devrex Labs and is promoted on GitHub.

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