Pentaho 8.0 – “Move Beyond Big Data to Transformation”

“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight” – Carly Fiorina

In this big world driven by data, the one technology that has never ceased to please and satisfy its user community is Pentaho BI Services.



What Does Pentaho Always Aim For?

Always striving hard to lessen the gap between the business users and technology, Pentaho has been an established trend in Business Intelligence since years now, focussing on their major objective to assist enterprises across domains harness the value from their heaps of data, whatsoever format they may be in, and analyse and utilize them to garner enhanced business efficacy, well defined KPIs, ROI, revenue and profitability.

A Brief Look Back In Time

  • A fast moving technology launched as an open source BI tool, existed as an independent company
  • Acquired by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) in 2015
  • HDS integrated Pentaho into its setup leaving its originality untouched
  • Hitachi Data Systems, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group are now one company: Hitachi Vantara.

The Last Before The Latest

Keeping pace with the latest technological innovations, Pentaho lastly came up with Pentaho 7.0 – a unified platform to have data preparation and visualization from anywhere in the entire analytics pipeline, leveraging the power of BI and DI together.

The theme earlier was “Putting Big Data to Work” which really hit the targets fantastically showing the most authentic business value to customers and now comes yet another theme, that is set to launch the new version.

Here’s the Latest: Pentaho 8.0: “Move Beyond Big Data to Transformation”

Pentaho 8.0

Sticking to the basic advantages of Pentaho BI, Pentaho 8.0 retains the original flavour, adding more sugar and spice to the newer version. It now showcases data integration as well as data mining, featuring the Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) component.

Major Highlights That Are Sure To Make Pentaho 8.0 A User’s Delight

  • Enhancement In Connectivity To Streaming Data Sources

Pentaho 8.0 showcases stream processing with Spark, connections to Kafka streams and big data security with Knox, when it comes to expanding in terms of velocity and volume.

  • Augmentation Of Processing Resources

Pentaho 8.0 has come up with a provision to append worker nodes, whenever there is a requirement during peak times. It shall scale out enterprise workloads and provides native support to Apache Avro and Apache Parquet.

  • Increase In Team Efficiency

Attempting to overcome the weaknesses realized in Big Data, Pentaho 8.0 has added certain features that takes it a step further and surely will be a big booster in increasing the efficiency levels. Features like granular filters for data preparation, improvised usage of repository, simplistic audit of application are some of them.

Pentaho Setting Trends among the Business Intelligence Analytics Tools in recent years

  • Bringing In The Cluster Of Worker Nodes

Hitachi Vantara is set to append a scale-out architecture, letting Kettle engine to be positioned to a cluster of worker nodes rather than a single server. With this, many jobs can be taken up in parallel, surely bringing a big amount of time and cost savings.

  • Addition Of Filtering Facility In The Data Explorer

In the earlier version, the data explorer component of PDI did not have the filtering functionality and now Pentaho 8.0 has proposed to offer the same, along with usage of the repository and simple audit features.

Introducing Pentaho 8.0 At The Pentaho World

A unique forum to have customers, partners, industry experts all under a single roof, sharing ideas, coming up with novel advancements, learning from each other and building a stronger Pentaho community.

Announcing Pentaho


It is all set to reconnoiter best practices and originations that can bring up projects to much-advanced stage of maturity and delivery excellence.

The Chief Product Officer Donna Prlich Speaks:

Chief Product Officer

“With Pentaho 8.0, Hitachi Vantara is building the foundation for future applications and strengthening the core platform for the enterprise. This journey to digital transformation is one we’ve been on with our customers for many years and being part of Hitachi Vantara puts considerably more wind behind our sails.”

“Pentaho 8.0 provides enterprise-scale and faster processing in anticipation of future data challenges to better support Hitachi’s customers on their digital journeys.”

On a curious ending note, awaiting the response to this innovative version from Pentaho:

We @ SPEC INDIA have specialised Pentaho consultants offering Pentaho services including consulting, development, integration, dashboard design, analytics & reporting & other Pentaho business intelligence services. Our Pentaho BI Consulting team provides wide-ranging end-to-end solutions, which would encompass data integration, data cleansing, data consolidation and visualization using the Pentaho product stack.

As a contribution to the Pentaho community, we have successfully launched a Self Service BI solution, in the form of a plug-in for Pentaho Community edition users on the Pentaho marketplace for global users and developers. This innovative and enriched plug-in aims to serve as a dashboard module for business analyst to independently, create reusable widgets / dashboards and is sure to benefit the community with its visually appealing features, dashboards, and Pentaho reporting. In a recent global event Pentaho Community Meeting 2017, SPEC INDIA was privileged to showcase its innovative plug-in.


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