Proficient Cloud Computing With Microsoft Azure

Today is the world of Cloud Computing. Every nook and corner of technology is shifting to the cloud technology. And why not? Cloud is increasingly satisfying its customers and thereby spreading around the globe. Cloud computing, entirely based on the Internet, is an amalgamation of various components of hardware, storage, services, hardware and the interfaces that deliver computing as a service, targeting the end user, business owner and the service provider.


Microsoft has its own runtime environment and a SDK to build and run robust and modern applications for the cloud – Microsoft Azure. Earlier known as Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure is a flexible and open platform for the cloud which encompasses developer needs like hosting storage, scaling and managing web applications on the net and on-demand compute. Highlighted below is how the Azure Services Platform functions as a communicating bridge between your software application and the cloud.


Microsoft Azure

The major highlight of Azure is that it actually runs on the Cloud, unlike the .NET, C++ or Java runtime, which execute on the local machines. This wonderful Microsoft’s cloud platform is being managed through a global network of Microsoft managed datacenters. It has a provision of both PaaS (Platform As A Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) with an extended support to multiple programming languages, frameworks and tools including third party ones.


Let us have a look at what all Azure can do for us. It is sure to help us build a better infrastructure, develop state-of-the-art applications, gain real time insight from the data available and perform identity management and access control.

The major benefits that one gains from using Microsoft Azure are:

  • Reduction in cost, time, efforts and hence a lot of savings in those peripheries
  • Reduction in maintaining and managing in house resources
  • Faster adaptation to your business needs and quicker execution of workflows
  • Available integration to third party tools and technologies
  • Restricted and controlled usage of hardware and software resources based on need
  • Flexibility to choose your desired type of model be it On-site or Off-site
  • Stability maintained all through the infrastructure, both in house as well as on the cloud


One of the most “look forward” events by Microsoft is in the pipeline, to be said on 20th October 2014 in which, the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is said to have his presence felt and discuss about the ‘cloud’ and ‘Azure’. Also, there is a day long Azure Community Event taking place. Let us see what more does Azure have to offer. We look forward to this event and shall write about it once we get more details. Keep looking at this space for more.


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