Proficient Monitoring With GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS (Global Positioning System) is the latest technology for far and distant objects to be in touch and transfer data real time. GPS fleet tracking is the most appropriate usage of GPS technology in identification, location and management of commercially used vehicles and other assets on a map real time. The information generated from this application is then utilized by the management to ascertain the correct usage of their fleet and their security, schedules and efficiency. A must-have feature in organizations dealing with multiple vehicles, GPS fleet tracking has numerous benefits which can give out the best of results.

How Does GPS Fleet Monitoring Work?



This popular system works with software which is accessed from a mobile device. There is a central server located, which is in charge of monitoring all the fleets and their devices. Routes are defined through this application and the data transmission is done through GPRS signals. These GPRS signals work in all areas, be it metros or rural areas. The information that is passed through the signals can be analysed and monitored at the central hub and various reports can be generated.

Key Features

  • Assured safety and security of fleet vehicles
  • Enhanced customer service because of timely delivery and good quality
  • Complete visibility on the fleet and locating drivers on time and hence monitoring with ease
  • Reduction in idle time
  • Optimization of driver routes and elimination of out-of-the-way routes
  • Constant monitoring and know-how of the location of the vehicles all the time
  • Optimal and effective routing for quicker delivery and response time
  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Easy vehicle maintenance
  • Higher security to vehicles hence lesser loss / theft of vehicles
  • Utilization of data to reduce operational expenses and increase productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Helps you plan ahead, by guiding you correctly through the entire route and minimizing all the hurdles / risks that are anticipated on the way

Is GPS fleet tracking the ideal choice?

With numerous benefits lying with it, GPS fleet tracking system is a must in your organization even if ranges from delivering small, petty objects like groceries or giants like public transport etc. With its existence, organizations are bound to benefit in a diverse set of functionalities and hence one way or the other, it is going to drill out better and optimal results and ease of use. The fleet size does not matter, be it ten or ten thousand – it is bound to yield customer happiness and maximize your ROI.

We at SPEC INDIA have innovative business software solutions targeting Sales Force Automation, Vehicle Tracking and Mobile Device Management. Making optimal use of the latest technologies, our enterprise offerings are successfully implemented at diverse locations.


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