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Overview Of Progressive Web Apps?

A revolution in the digital world – Progressive Web Apps are the most modern mantra today. Initially offered by Google in 2015, today, they are the apple of everyone’s eye owing to their salient features, development simplicity and user experience being the major highlights. Custom Web Application Development Companies have adapted this novel style of development and are extremely satisfied with the positive results it is fetching. One of the prime reasons Progressive web apps have an edge over native web apps is the confluence of two high-end technologies – the mobile and the web together. In its basic a progressive web app isn’t any diverse from a normal website – it’s made of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and resides in the browser.  It looks as if it is a website that is constructed using its own technology set but looks and feels as if it’s an app. Making use of various components like the plugins, environments, etc., this style of apps showcase a distinct affluence of deployment as well as maintenance in comparison to the traditional patterns.

With the need for a website becoming almost mandatory, some of the very promising characteristics that Progressive web apps showcase and that web development companies look for are:

  • Construction of a website using remarkably less time
  • Utilization of the best both worlds – web & mobile
  • Easy API maintenance with effective compatibility
  • Simplistic deployment and maintenance

Progressive Web Apps

Key Features Of Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps have an intention to lessen the gap between mobile web and native apps by offering features like installation feature, execution of background processes and sending push notifications.

  • Since these are web pages, they need not have any installation procedure and can be straightforwardly installed on the device’s home screen
  • Executable on any device, utilizing the features available on the available device and browser
  • Provides user experience possessing the extent of the web
  • Instant loading, highly reliable and dependable in ambiguous network situations
  • Quick response in terms of end-user interface with utmost evenness and most effective navigation
  • Visually appealing user experience with a highly natural impression of the app on the device
  • Quality beyond comparison facilitating its users to avail the features on the home screen itself
  • Self-installable and live on the home screen of the users, barring the requirement of an app store
  • It, being a website, is easily traceable in search engines and hence brings on an edge over the traditional style
  • There is the least dependency over connectivity and can easily execute in areas with no / low network connectivity

Challenges Posed By Progressive Web Apps

All that glitters is not gold. And following the rule of life, even Progressive web apps have their own set of limitations that need to be scrutinized and kept in mind before implementing them. Of course, they do have their own set of solutions so that there is no interruption in its smooth usage.

  • It does not support all browsers. Of course, all latest versions of important browsers like Chrome, Opera, Samsung’s Android are well supported, there are others like IE, Safari, etc. which are not easily supported
  • One of the biggest challenges that are faced is the support of Progressive web apps on iOS devices that it doesn’t support. It does support Android but not iOS, which holds one of the largest stakes in the mobile market today
  • It does have a tough time supporting certain hardware equipment like the camera, GPS and fingerprint scanners, which are a must in most of the web apps that get implemented and doing without them is almost impossible
  • There is less support to third party logins like Facebook, Google etc. and hence they will require a separate login
  • Because these apps do not have any centralized location repository, it is a tough job to convince users of its authenticity and availability with its proper location

Progressive Web Apps – Heralding The Future

Progressive web apps are the latest step towards a bright future with mobile gaining the utmost popularity and that too on the web. With the globe implementing web sessions on mobile devices, the entire focus is shifting. There is sure to be much better and satisfying user experience and the demand for Progressive apps is surely going to increase. Of course, currently, it does have its own set of limitations in terms of Android support barring iOS support, but with its salient features and obvious benefits, it will surely woo the Apple users too. There are lots to look for in this wonderful technological wave and we await the addition of more insights and values to it.

SPEC INDIA has been offering Custom Web Application Development services to a multitude of industries, spread across the globe and has garnered expertise in developing and implementing the best of web-based and mobile-based solutions. Making the most of the best of technologies, our state-of-the-art service offerings ensure increase profitability and productivity with business efficacy to its maximum.


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