Apple Push Notification service (APNs for short) is the push notifications feature provided by apple for IOS 3.0 or later. APNs requires connection to the Internet, either via a cellular data network or Wi-Fi, and at least one application that supports notifications. Apple Push Notification Service is available for applications on the iPhone,iPad and iPod touch. Each device establishes an accredited and encrypted IP connection with the service and receives notifications over this persistent connection.

APNS is a network service that allows your device to be constantly connected to the APN server. So that the app is able to constantly receive updates even when it isn’t running. Once the user is alerted to this new updates, there is the app launching your application and the connection is re-established with the server. This service scales through any number of third party servers.

Notifications may include sounds, badges or custom text alerts. Sounds that can be plays an audible alert. An alert message is displayed to the user on the screen. Badges displays an image/number on the application icon

Key Points:

  • One persistent connection per device
  • Any number of applications
  • Keep users updated
  • Preserves battery life
  • Significant performance improvement

SPEC India, has vast experience in implementation of Push Notification Feature with various category of applications. Apple Push Notification API integration are generally being used by applications who wanted to keep their users keep notify with new updates about business and that’s where SPEC India has strong hands on experience suggesting and implementing in a best way.
You can contact lead@spec-india.com for iPhone/iPad Application development


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