Sales Force Automation Software, Undoubtedly a Powerful Tool

A software for workforce across the departments, Sales Force Automation sets out to make processes across the departments synchronized better, more dependable and fruitful. With abbreviated sales cycles and better customer satisfaction, SFA shoulders the responsibility of culminating sales deals, cycle time reductions and quicker RoI. It goes without saying that a good Sales Force Automation Software is a powerful tool to invest in to realize all these benefits with reduced administrative efforts.

As technology shifts from traditional to mobile based, so does the SFA shift to Mobile SFA, with an aim to simplify infrastructure requirements, reduce costs and make implementation easy. Mobile SFA targets to strengthen the traditional SFA further by giving the field force better flexibility and improved communications with the back office and supervisors to quicken the sales cycle.

Sales Force Automation

SFA today becomes a turnkey, all in one, exhaustive solution catering to the various requirements of any business. It prudently integrates various requirements of the organization and its workflows into a comprehensive solution.

  • CRM Integration
  • Cloud based storage technologies
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • Automated Marketing Tools
  • Social Media Leveraging

A good SFA ensures satisfied customers by setting optimal process with prudent use of data and reliable analytics by increasing the efficiency of the Sales & Service teams in offering an integrated package for

  • Contact Management
  • Route Planning
  • Lead Tracking Software Module
  • Quotes and Orders – Sales Order Software Module
  • Order Tracking and Management
  • Van Inventory Management
  • Sales Force Management
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Sales and Marketing Automation
  • Competitor Knowledge
  • Mobile Sales Force Automation
  • Cross Platform Support

A Powerful tool to analyze Leads and opportunities

Compiling data from various sources a good Sales Force Automation system deciphers meaningful information from this exhaustive data to generate useful guidelines to generate promising leads and analyze opportunities. The strategy devised by the sales and marketing personnel can draw inferences from these details before approaching the prospective lead to increase the chances of a future association. Marketing Automation tools integrated with an astute SFA solution, helps the sales force immensely in devising intelligent strategies.

Sales Force Automation a tool to Combat Competition

Competitor check and analysis is a part of a prudent SFA system. A reality check in terms of on goings in the market and competitor business and potential threats from competition gives a good insight to the Sales force Automation System. Leads which were not culminated can be analyzed, compared to the competitor offers and the information can be used as an introspective measure.

A tool to Entice Customers, Sales Force Automation with CRM

Now an indispensable part of the Customer Relationship Management CRM software, a competent SFA system tracks all the interactions held with the customer including feedbacks to improvise and strengthen the relations with the customers. The salesforce can use these details to establish a healthy rapport with the customers, consolidating the relationship and establishing permanency with them.

A Powerful Analytics Tool

Preferences of probable customers can be judged from the history data and various patterns. The SFA integrates this information into itself and empowers the salesforce with this knowledge to help them plan appropriate actions in terms of communications and offers for products and services made, increasing the chances of sales to happen.

Sales Force Automation, a Field Staff Management Tool

A SFA system is well equipped with the most modern MDMs and tracking systems. These prove to be a great relief to the managers. The supervisors and managers of the field force are constantly in sync with the happenings outside the office.

  • Positions of work force on the field
  • Task wise time details
  • Activity charting
  • Visit details

Productivity improvement plans can be chalked out with help of these details and to motivate for improved performances.

Sales Force Automation, a Tool ensuring Returns on Investment – RoI

A good SFA takes all possible care to make the system target improvising the productivity of all sales force, by both equipping them with useful information, as well as providing the relevant statistics to the managers to help improve the individual as well as team performances.

All in all these improves the efficiency of the team, increasing the productivity and ensuring a healthy and quicker Returns on Investment.


SPEC INDIA’s Mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution, ZooM is a robust Sales Force Automation System exceeding beyond all customer expectations. Along with connecting mobile sales force to the back office, it also successfully delivers business critical information on time.



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