Seamless Management and Monitoring of Vehicles with a Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking System

When it comes to on-line and real-time monitoring and scrutiny of vehicles that are allotted to the field force, it is always quite cumbersome and inaccurate, if done manually. There remain many questions unanswered whether your vehicle has move on the accurate route or not, what time is it going to take to reach the client location, is the vehicle moving within the assigned boundaries or not. The most ideal solution to all these troublesome questions is implementation of a flexible and comprehensive Vehicle Tracking System (VTS).

The main fundamental on which VTS works is a perfectly coupled Global Positioning System (GPS), whose tracking feature takes care of monitoring and tracking all the vehicles and passes on the related information to the higher authorities. This GPS vehicle tracking system can be deployed on GPS enable mobile devices which pass on the co-ordinates to the server on usual basis. GPS is bundled with the most innovative and state-of-the-art technology standards, especially meant for elements which are at a far distance from the base and need an information exchange between the two. This technology has been the best so far in location of devices / vehicles in a commercially viable environment.

Process Flow of an All-inclusive Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

This all-the-rage solution works based on a software app which is accessible from a mobile device. Through a central server, which basically looks after monitoring the fleet along with its devices, this application defines routes and transmits data through GPRS signals. Be it any geographical locations, of any area or size, these signals perform their best. This information which is passed through the signals can be used for analysis and monitoring at the central location and different analytical reports can be provided to the top management.

Following are the major steps involved while tracking a particular vehicle:

  • Installation of a vehicle with a SetTop box
  • Regular GPS signal transmission via satellite through the set top box
  • Capture of signals through Internet connectivity
  • Passing of information to back office computers, laptops, mobile devices
  • Immediate facility to gather and monitor information
  • Provision of continuous access of real-time information

What, ideally, should a Vehicle Tracking System highlight?

  • Assured protection and security of fleet vehicles
  • Enhanced client service owing to suitable delivery and greater excellence
  • Unconditional visibility on the task force and positioning drivers apt to keep an eye on them easily
  • Reduction in inoperative time
  • Best utility of driver routes and elimination of out-of-the-way routes
  • Steady monitoring and alertness of the site of the vehicles 24 x 7
  • Most beneficial route selection for a faster delivery and response time
  • Plunge in fuel consumption
  • Straightforward vehicle protection
  • Improved safety to vehicles with lesser chances of theft of vehicles
  • Apt usage of data to reduce implementation expenses and increase productivity
  • Much better client satisfaction
  • A much needed guide to plan for the future

With abundant returns guaranteed, Vehicle Tracking System is a need today in organizations. With its implementation, organizations are sure to gain advantage in a multitude of functionalities extracting best of results with ease and simplicity. No matter what the size is, enhanced productivity and profitability are a sure shot return.

Value Added Solutions with Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) solution

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